Heechul on SBS Entertainment Awards

December 28, 2007 at 5:44 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

What is that boy wearing? ._. A similar hair color and he would look like Cruella de Vil or something. xD You can find more pictures HERE.
So Heechul was nominated for “TV Star Award” for his MC-ing on Inkigayo and a short clip of his MC moments can be found HERE.
Super Junior got to do the opening for the show, which can be found HERE. First of all.. are they standing in the EHB studio? O.o It sure looks like it. Then they present the different TV shows that has been aired on SBS this year and of course the very last one is EHB.
W00T! Both Eunhyuk and Donghae has their hands on Ryeowook’s lap!! *nosebleed* gfdhjksghu 

And also, Shindong and Donghae did a small ootchatssa parody. LOL! Donghae is so cocky at first, and then gets lifted up and pushed away. Haha, he’s so cute in his cape
And Shindong! GAH, so funny! Hey, next to that other guy he doesn’t look that big xD He should make friends with that other guy and be around him more often! *evil face*
Credits: Soompi

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  1. melai said,

    i really love super junior especially lee teuk. he is so cute i like his dimple!!!oppa teukie……love you so much…….you can over come all the obstacle that come your way coz. you’re strong…

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