Love Fighter [071227]

December 28, 2007 at 10:15 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Credits to symbelmyn @ Youtube, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

This is just.. OMG! Is Leeteuk really qualified do give others advice about love? Maybe not, but he’s really funny xD Plus he’s so hot!  
But I’m not loving what he’s wearing! He looks like an ojisan! Actually he looks like my uncle.. and he’s like 50 or something. xD But still, you can’t hate that beautiful face of his!Anyway~ back to the show.. why is everyone standing up? Even the audience has to stand up..  it looks so uncomfortable, couldn’t they afford chairs? 
HAHA, Leeteuk looks so lost when the first couple is arguing, he’s like: “… Huh? Maybe I should say something..? NAH, I’ll just stand here and look pretty”. AAW, ILU Leeteuk!  

WTF? why did the first guy start kicking on a car door? SO RANDOM! As someone said on Soompi, it’s like Jerry Springer without the flying chairs.. ‘cuz they have no chairs! xD LOL

Hehe, I’m writing this as I’m watching (thus the weird comments) and did Leeteuk just compare the boyfriend with Kangin? LOL!
The second couple is far better than the first couple, they aren’t so serious and joke around, it’s fun to watch! xD
and lol @ Leeteuk’s shoes! He’s almost defending the guy, saying it’s normal to wear those pads in the shoes. He’s so short,  but since Ryeowook uses three(!) of those shoe-lift pads I guess he’s REALLY short! Poor Wookie

Did the last guy just say that he looks like Eunhyuk? YEAH RIGHT! xD Maybe their eyes look somewhat similar and the hair.. but that’s it!
OMG, the best part was when the guy tried to break those bricks! He could only break one at a time! kekeke~♪ Funny indeed!

Credit: Soompi


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