SuJu pictures from Music Bank [071228]

December 28, 2007 at 12:43 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )


Donghae, why are you so beautiful!? ;___; ♥
So the pictures are out from today’s performance on KBS Music Bank (more lovely pictures can be found HERE and HERE) and I’m spazzing over Leeteuk’s black hair! gfjskdid
He looks really good with the new color, now he just has to go back to the Haengbok hairstyle and I’ll be jumping of the walls xD
I’m not saying I didn’t like his blond hair, but he looks more mature and like a leader with dark hair.. LOL this just turned into a Leeteuk post again.. w/e! xD

They performed Rokkugo!!! and Marry U, I’m so happy to see Super Junior T back together ~♥ Rokkugo is one of my favourite songs, so it’s nice to see them perform it again. And the Marry U performance was just gfdfjkdid! They switched parts, Donghae got to sing Heechul’s rap ♥ and Siwon got Kangin’s part and and and..! *dies* And they all look so good in their black suits.

Watch the performance HERE.

Credits:Soompi & Bestiz


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