Happy Birthday, Lee Sungmin! ♥

December 31, 2007 at 4:08 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Lee Sungmin

It’s past midnight in Korea now and a new year has started. That means that our little Sungminnie has turned 23 already.
I hope you’ll have a GREAT birthday, Sungmin, and that you’ll be able to spend it with everyone you love. ~
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  1. aiden lee said,

    my name is aiden lee and i just wanted 2 say that 4 all of you girls that love sungmin, he has a girlfriend and i noe who it is

    • arien_93 said,

      so,who’s ???
      i want to know who being a sung min girlfriend…

      • ade_jae_min said,

        hey,, sungmin girlfriend is me..

  2. ChinHua said,

    Really Who…I would love to know…is she a singer too, star, actress…

  3. Pink!!!!! said,

    sungmin cool.

  4. mae said,

    luv you so much mwaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  5. Anonymous said,

    The person that call himself Aiden Lee is not Lee Donghae. I am not saying that Donghae’s English is horrible, but his grammar is not that good.

  6. Annie said,

    ok but the “aiden lee” person! i don’t care if he has a girlfriend!!! and i don’t care if you know who it is!!! we love him thats all!!!

    • vina cacayuran said,

      thats right. haha. i still love lee sung min even if he already have a girlfriend :p

  7. Niza said,

    Really? Sungmin has a girlfriend?.. I didn’t believe it.. But we all his fans still love him so much, even if he has a girlfriend.. we will support him until he really success.. and hope all Super Junior member will success too and happy always..

  8. Suzy said,

    We as a fans don’t care about their status.. as long as they happy and success.

  9. Moza said,

    I don’t love SUJU because of their face but their voice. Their voice are so gorgeous. I believe they are all gifted. At least, they know how to enjoy life.. FIGHTING..

  10. Kibun said,

    Go.. Super Junior.. Go.. make your life full of happiness.. don’t worry about rumors but if it was real, we will accept it.. Just be happy.. we all your fans always beside you..

  11. Park jul-su said,

    I will always support them in whatever they do. Even they are married. I will always love Super Junior.. ‘Saranghae’

  12. Yeseul said,

    I don’t care about what Aiden lee told us because we are the real Super Junior fans..

  13. Zela said,

    I love Super Junior very much but to know that Sung Min has a girlfriend, I feel very happy and I love them even more. Although, I can’t express my love in front of them..

  14. Super Junior fans said,

    I agree what Zela say…. I’m as his fans, who never meet them even once.. and they never ever come to my country, Brunei Darussalam.. I really sad and I really want to meet them even only a second.. but I still support them whatever happen..

  15. Ki Min said,

    Super Junior only 13 members group.. It is a perfect number of Super Junior.. Begin with Jung su and ended with Kyu hyun..

  16. Ee Choy said,

    Forever love Super Junior..

  17. Ee Choy said,

    Forever love Super Junior.. Don’t mess up with Super Junior..

  18. Moza said,

    I didn’t mean, I hate their face.. Their face are all cute but try to understand what I’m trying to say

  19. Forever Super Junior said,

    Eun Hyuk injured..
    He fell down from MC stage.. His right leg and his hand was hurt..
    I really sad to hear it.
    Hope he will healthy soon..

  20. Forever Super Junior said,

    This news about Eun Hyuk injured is sent on 15 March 2008..

  21. Niza1312 said,

    One day, I hope SuJu can come to my country Brunei Darussalam.. SuJu make me like Korea..
    Before I like SuJu, I hate Korea.. When people talk about Korea, I go away.. But after I hear they singing, I really want to know this group.. Then, it is Super Junior and they from Korea.. Now, I like Korea very much.. It is because of Super Junior.. so please come to my country.. I really mean it and honestly from my heart..

  22. donghaeee!! said,

    to the person above me –> Niza1312

    please join this fanclub –> sujulove.forumotion.com

    sorry because i’m off topic.

  23. SuJu+Ft.i luv said,

    is Sungmin really dating???:0 can i know who is Sungmin’s GF???

  24. queensagara said,

    SuJu+Ft.i luv: No, Sungmin does not have a girlfriend what we know of and neither does the other SuJu boys. But if he does have one, it would only be normal. I mean, he’s a young and healthy guy, why wouldn’t he have a relationship?
    I think fans need to stop being so darn curious about who is dating who. Even if they are celebrities they too have a personal lifes and want some privacy once in a while.

    As for the person calling him/herself aiden lee is NOT Donghae and does most likely not know who Sungmin is dating.

    I just wanted to say that, sorry if I sounded rude or anything.

  25. dorothy said,

    hey aiden lee, i don’t even care if he has a girlfriend, and me too i know who it is…. that’s nothing to boast about….. the first time i know it, i cried and that’s all, he’s not gonna marry her, so i made up my mind not to hate her……….. they won’t be dating long, that girl looks so flirty but i will always love sung min for the rest of my life……. sung min sarangee

  26. laura said,

    is so cute!!!
    i love you sung min!!!
    ^.^ me encanta sung min!! es uno de los chicos coreanos q mas me gusta!!

  27. valerie said,

    I love u Sungmin.!!I really want to see you in person:)Even I dont understand ur language:DI love super junior 4ever.!

  28. steffi said,

    I don’t really care if he has a girlfriend… We’re his fans and he loves his fans too. We’ll all (hopefully) support him until the end~~

  29. Anna-Tomoyo said,

    Hye…I really wish u wil come to Brunei someday…Yup,i’m not realy a fan of him but whenever i c his pics, i feel lyk im going to cry…So rite now,i really wan to meet him…

  30. Kim Rae Sun said,

    Super Junior will release their third album maybe next year.. that what I heard from Si Won in Entertainment weekly on KBS.. I can’t wait to hear their new songs..

  31. sungmin's angel said,

    I don’t care if Sungmin OPPA have gf or if he’s gay.. I’m goin to love him forever!
    When he came to malaysia and when i saw him, i felt like crying!
    But hey, the best part is he took the present i gave him and i TOUCHED HIM!!!

  32. tenzin tsomo said,

    i m tenzin…… u r so cute…… the best part is when u sing…….i love to hear ur voice u r my favorite……one day i will come to korea to meet u with my fried….

  33. No NO said,

    Happy Birthday. You are so cute.

  34. Sung-jin said,

    Sungmin oppa has a girlfrend, her name is Anna Lee.

  35. Dana said,

    sung-jin, is it true? coz i heard many rumors saying Anna lee is sungmin’s girlfriend. i even saw their pic. nomu yeppo

  36. Nhoc_maruco223 said,

    SungMin oppa saranghae! You are my everything!

  37. happy girl said,

    happy sung min.
    i like he smile.
    i like he joke.
    i love alway he dance sexy.
    sa rang hae sung min and super junior.

  38. happy girl said,

    hello sung min.
    m super junior fan.
    m like u and i love u.
    i wish happy allday.

  39. mae said,

    halo i love you lee sungmin.how are you now.hope u are in the good health…..thats all thank you!!!

  40. Nina said,

    i am Algerian girl and i hope for the SUJU good life. I will always support them in whatever they do . Sungmin is The best person that I can’t express my love in front of him Sungmin i am gonna be in your side in whatever you do…..aja aja Fighting ….Sungminshi SARAGHEA…………………………………………forever Nina (nina.karima@hotmail.com)

  41. hwang myong said,

    sung min oppa so cute.,.,.,.,.
    saengil chuka hamnida.,.,.,.,

  42. sungmin_ true girl friend said,

    anyoung haseyo…opppa!.

    i hope sj will come here in the philippines to entertain us in the araneta colisseum ….

    this coming new year i hope all of you guys will come here…

    tnx …..

    sarangahaeyo sung min oppa!
    aishteruyo sung min kun!

  43. clara said,

    love u sungmin…normal lang na magkagirlfriend ka…d ka nman bakla dba..

    ………fever when u hold me tight,,

  44. sujumin_crazzyy said,

    Oppa.Love you…….
    your cuteness gonna make my crazy.
    U’re my everyth

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