Kamenashi in 1 Pound Gospel-Sukkiri [071204]

January 1, 2008 at 11:12 pm (Japan, KAT-TUN) (, , )

[Credits to DumDum10 @ Youtube]

I know this is kinda old but… OMG! *nosebleed*
I haven’t been very updated on KAT-TUN lately and I just found this LOVELY video on Soompi. It’s a clip about Kame’s new drama “1 Pound Gospel”, in which he plays a professional boxer(?) who falls in love with a nun. LUCKY NUN! She gets to touch his abs! ghkfdkhjgf!  I’m so jealous right now. .___.

And hey Kame, let us know when you’re planning on running naked in Shibuya! I’ll be there to watch it! xD




  1. Sakura Drops said,

    waaa I drooled all over the place… yes he does look better *still skinny* but tha’s good ne? *going back to drooling*

  2. queensagara said,

    Sakura Drops: HAHA, yeah me too! xD *wipes off drool from desk* :3

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