Leeteuk taking responsibility as leader ^^

January 5, 2008 at 6:35 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )


I guess Leeteuk feels that he has responsibility as the group leader. Just watch how he immediately fixes the can when Kibummie fell of, when they were testing their balance, in Explorers of the Human Body.

Here you can see him collecting the broken pieces of the box that Kangin broke.Leeteuk

HAHA, here he looks like an old lady who’s sweeping the floor. xDLeeteuk

In this gif he corrects the picture of Siwon(?) that Donghae pushed down after spinning 30 times in that spinning machine they had. (LOL, look at Donghae’s eyes at the end. SO CUTE x3)

And of course the one we all saw in the latest episode, when he cleaned those things they used for testing their tears xD

Credits: bestiz



  1. cholalola16 said,

    he’s like a mom..
    always cleaning.

  2. queensagara said,

    cholalola16: Haha, yeah! ^^
    I guess he has to act as a mom, when he’s got 12 younger members to take care of ^__^

    (he sure is a very hot mom, though x3)

  3. SJmyhaengbok said,

    OOOHHHHH, I want him as my husband. Marry me please!

  4. yaminoshuuen said,

    Oh God! That’s so sweet of him! I adore him so much coz he is so responsible. He can be my husband! LOL! XD

  5. jhk17 said,

    i wish he3 will find someday a wife that will is responsible like him.

  6. jhk17 said,

    i wish he will find someday a wife that will is responsible like him.

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