SuJu Marriage Survey[Mini Concert] [Eng Sub]

January 8, 2008 at 5:22 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

[Credits to muishie @ Youtube, PART 2]

 OMG, this video woke up the ultimate fangirl in me! xD It’s from their mini concert where they did a survey regarding Super Junior and marriage. ehe, I’m gonna try not to be too spazzy and write comments that are too long.. but it’s gonna be hard. xD LOL, wish me luck! WARNING, spoilers ahead! You shouldn’t keep reading this if you haven’t watched it xD

On the question “Who is the most likely member to get married first?” the results were:
1. Kangin
2. Heechul
3. Leeteuk

Leeteuk says that he plans to get married at the age of 34. Sounds reasonable, but he’d better hurry up and find himself a girl soon then xD
Then all of sudden Hankyung says that he also wants to get married soon, so they ask him if he could marry a Korean woman. Of course his answer is that it doesn’t matter. But when they ask him if he likes Chinese elves or Korean elves better, he just says “I’m sorry” and runs away. Haha, poor Hannie xD 

I was kind of surprised that Heechul came in second, I can see a lot of the guys getting married before him x3 His comment was that he wants to get married rather late, when he’s 30. WHAT DO YOU MEAN LATE, IT’S ONLY 4 YEARS FROM NOW! … xD Anyway, they ask him what his ideal girl is like, and to please all the elves he says that she has to like the color blue. You’re smart, Rella! You know how to make you petals happy. And if that wasn’t enough he stands up and shouts: “My ideal girl is the elves!!” and the fans go crazy.

It’s time to reveal the first place. The elves keep yelling “Kangin” so he asks why, and I think someone says “Because he’s got a lot of money”. Uuh, okay? Are you like.. stupid or something? xD It’s because he’s Korea’s #1 Handsome Guy of course! :D And he’s such a dork ~
So anyway, Kangin stands up and says “Ah, you think that I’ll marry Teukie-hyung?” and of course the fans go crazy once again. xD And he says “Sorry, but I’m not like that ^^;”. Aw, yes you are Kangin. Cuz’ you and Teukie WILL get married! gfjdkfgkdf! *spazz*

Second question is “Which member seems more likely to cry if his proposal gets rejected?”. Answers were:
1. Sungmin
2. Donghae
3. Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun admits that he’s very sensitive and can’t really confess to girls because he’s afraid to get rejected. AAW, you’re so CUTE! ~

Donghae is second. Didn’t see that coming. I would have said maybe Ryeowook or Eunhyuk. He says himself that he wouldn’t cry, instead, as Leeteuk said,: “Become a stalker”. xD

Sungmin takes the first place! Though he says that he’s not that sensitive as everyone thinks and probably wouldn’t cry. Shindong then says ”Yeah, but your nose runs” and that part cracked me up! xD

The next question is my favourite! “Who’s would be the most nervous on the wedding night?”.
1. Ryeowook
2. Eunhyuk
3. Hankyung

GOD, I love Shindong’s laugh when Hannie’s name was revealed. xD

PUAHAHA, Eunhyuk came in second on this one and I have to agree xD And he’s quiet all the time until he asks: “What are you supposed to do on the wedding night?”. ROFL, don’t try to act all innocent here, I think you know very well what you’re supposed to do! xD

Ryeowook got the first place and he’s all “Why? Why me?” HAHA, you’re such a cutie!

From here they speed it up alot, maybe they were running out of time or something? :P Anyway, the question was: “The member most likely to be obedient to his wife?”
1. Siwon
2. Shindong
3. Yesung

Not a big surprise there, I also think that Siwon would be the most obedient x3 Shindong, yes maybe. Yesung..? I guess, since he’s a really sweet guy ^^

“The member most likely to marry a girl despite parents’ objections?”
1. Heechul
2. Kangin
3. Kibum

Kangin did a guessing game, asking the fans who they though would come in third. They said Heechul. xD WRONG! It’s Kibum. :D

Second place is Kangin. Nothing much to say here, I think he’d do it :3 Though he says that he’s really not that reckless.. YEAH RIGHT! x3

Of course it’s out little Heechulie who came in first. xD And a fan in the audience screams that Heechul is hers but Kangin yells “Heechul-hyung is mine!!” .. How many times do I have to say this..? YOU’RE GONNA MARRY LEETEUK! Stop saying Heechul is yours.. cuz’ he’s Hankyung’s >:D  *evil face*

Kangin then asks Heechul when he started being obedient and Heechul’s answer made me LOL! “When I was in the womb they told me not to come out, but I did..” HAHA, great answer! xD 

Anyway.. I’m gonna stop here! I’ve written way way waaay too much, and if you’ve read all this, then kudos to you! x3

Credits: Soompi


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