Sukira Kiss The Radio [080108][YT video]

January 11, 2008 at 6:44 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to frostsg  @ Youtube]

PUHAHAHAHA! .. Okay, I’ll calm down for a minute.. I know I’m a bit late to post this Sukira ep. but never mind! ^^; Now, back to my laughing..!  ..HAHAHAHAHAHA!

 OMG, my stomach hurts so much from laughing! Eunhyuk farted! And Leeteuk is like: “Omg you guys, he really farted *waves the papers*” to the fans outside. Even Hyukjae is human i guess? x3

Leeteuk’s laughter in the second part made me crap my pants! No, not really but he was hella scary xD And then Eunhyuk trying some scary laugh too -_- Nooo, he’s becoming like Leeteuk xD *runs and hides*

Third part is some dorky lovely singing from the boys. *turns up the volume on the speakers* They sing so good ~

HERE’s the Chinese lesson of the day, w/ translation. Their Chinese is really good~ o_o

Teacher: Ohhh.. Ni de ming zi hen piao liang (Your name is very beautiful.)
Hyuk: Ah.. dui dui dui. Xie xie. (Yes yes yes, thank you.)

 ^ HAHA xD


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