Pre-Debut – part 2

January 12, 2008 at 7:03 pm (DBSK, Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to hikaraxxy  @ Youtube]

I wanted to continue on the previous post with pre-debut stuff. This time I come with a video and it’s got sooo many pictures I’ve never seen before o__o Like some of the boys with their ex girlfriends x3 I had to pause like every five seconds to be able to look closer, trying to recognize them xD

One pic that made me LOL was the one with Shindong and Hankyung @ 02:18! ROFL, look at their faces!!
And wow, I hardly recognized Heechul in the beginning, I actually though he was a girl for a moment! o__o Like the photo @ 00:31.. I was like “.. Is that Kangin’s girlfriend or what? x3.. no, it’s a guy.. *stares at screen* OMG, IT’S RELLA!”  so.. yeah! :P

And one thing that I was thinking of was that Leeteuk’s girlfriend was so pretty! O_O I could only stare at her, not even noticing Leeteuk (with his old nose xD).



  1. candychu said,

    hey there! i just found ur blog today when i was looking for gif’s of donghae in the kissing you MV hehe…
    but wow nice blog! i love stalking ppls blogs about dbsk + suju !!!
    btw…leeteuk really had a nose job? :S

  2. queensagara said,

    candychu: Hey, thanks! ^^ HAHA I love stalking other people’s blogs too! xD
    About Leeteuk’s nose, of course I can not verify that he has had a nose job but SOMETHING sure did happen to his nose, since it is so much smaller now than it was before they debuted.

  3. amanda said,

    ya eeteuks ex girlfriend is not pretty…….wtf are you smoking?

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