Ryeowook Crying on Chunji [080114]

January 16, 2008 at 9:42 am (chunji, Korea, snsd, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to everlastingfriends @ Youtube]

AW, poor Wookie! ~♥ And Sooyoung was crying too ^^;
cspwm41 @ Youtube has posted a translation of his letter to his fans:

“Dear fans who always were with me every Monday.
I really had a special time for the past 6 months. In fact, I became a fan of this corner (her lyrics and his music) like you as putting so much love in this corner.
Thanks to you, I had a chance to think and make promises to myself.
Even though the themes were ridiculous, you sent lots of great lyrics.
They were so precious and I couldn’t discard.
I actually keep all the lyrics you gave me.

I want to return your favor with my songs in future.
I promise you that today’s farewell with heavy heart will forget when I come back.
Then, would you welcome me?
l love you all.”
Ryeowook said he wanted to quit at some point because of tight schedule (even though he really loves to write songs).
And it finally came to him, it was sad and regrettable that he couldn’t make music anymore and meet the staff of Chunji.

We’ll miss you too Ryeowook, and we hope you can come back someday and sing for us on Chunji!



  1. MinWook said,

    hic..he crying….my love….love u so much Wookie^^

  2. KMholic said,

    Is that because of SJ-China Project?
    I hate it~

  3. queensagara said,

    KMholic: He cried because it was his last day as a regular guest on Chunji ^^;

  4. hachi said,

    ahhhhhhhh,..ryeowook u’re so so cute,wish can meet u,please don’t cry,i can’t stand it,hix hix,i love u RYEOWOOK

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