Heechul on “Challenge 8 vs 1” [080121][Pics]

January 21, 2008 at 7:22 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Woho, I’m currently downloading today’s episode of 8 vs. 1 and I’m really excited! ^^
So, until I’m able to watch it, here are some cute pics of Heechulie :D




  1. Alice said,

    OMG, where are you downloading from? I really want to watch it. Unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere!

  2. queensagara said,

    Alice: I downloaded it from someone’s CB, though I’m not sure which one at the moment x_x I might upload it and post it here on my blog when I get home today :3

  3. daze said,

    Ahh… HeeChul-oppa definitely cute! Please share me this vid. I really wanna watch it. As Alice said, I also can’t find it anywhere… u.u

  4. sano5762 said,

    nooooooooooo were I can find this vid please tell me.
    any thing for hee chul i like .
    onigai shimasu

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