Download “Challenge 8 vs 1” [Heechul cut]

January 22, 2008 at 7:08 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to symbelmyn @ Youtube]

I’ve uploaded the Heechul cuts from yesterday’s Challenge 8 vs 1 and then I found it on youtube as well ^^ *huggles symbelmyn for uploading*

And damifino @ Soompi was kind enough to explain to everyone what the show is all about and what they were saying:

I guess they were supposed to invite 1 person per MC and Heechul invited TaeYeon from SNSD because he said he raised her from the milk bottle laugh.gif (but most likely because SM wanted him to help promote SNSD)

New format of the show… they asked a question to 50 people. The 8 celebrities are supposed to guess the answers given. If they can’t give ALL the answers in the survey before they get 8 wrong answers, a contestant is given an opportunity to answer the question. If the contestant can answer just one answer right within a minute, they win $1000. Just like Yashimmanman, if the celebs get a wrong answer, they get wind blown in their face.

They were talking about racy videos and how when they were young, they were hard to come by so what they saw and Heechul mentioned Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence in the cartoon and got hit by TaeYeon for being so silly laugh.gif

One of the questions was asked to 50 plastic surgeons. They were asked what patients ask for in terms of wanting a certain celebrity’s ____. They were discussing what the answers would be and what men like in a female celebrity and Heechul said Sohn Yeh Jin’s legs, Sohn Yeh Jin’s eyes, Sohn Yeh Jin’s nose so Shin Dong Yup said, “So you are basically saying you want to date Sohn Yeh Jin” and Heechul got all embarrassed.

As I expected, Heechul didn’t answer a single question after they changed how you are supposed to answer the question. In the beginning, you just had to pick up a post that had your face on it, but then they changed to a whoopee cushion, he just stopped answering questions altogether except comments here and there.

Anyways~, you can download the file HERE on SendSpace [HQ][124mb]


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