Sukira Kiss The Radio [080125]

January 25, 2008 at 10:08 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to frostsg @ Youtube]

Today’s Chinese lesson, but it’s a bit different.. xD Not the lesson, but the boys act a bit.. crazy! xP Eunhyuk picks up a toy weapon and starts shooting everyone. LOL, Leeteuk looked hilarious when he was being shot, with his arms flying all over the place. .. Wow, I make it sound like there was some massacre at Sukira or something! XDD

Anyways~, frostsg @ Youtube translated the Chinese lesson:

Hyuk: Ni Haooo! (Hello)
Teacher: Da jia hao (Hello Everyone)
Hyuk: Ni jiao shen me ming zi? (What’s your name?)
Teacher: Wo jiao Sun Yao. Ni jiao shen me ming zi? (I’m Sun Yao. What’s your name?)
Eunhyuk: Wo jiao Yin He. (I’m Eunhyuk)
Teacher: Yin He.. Ni ne? Ni jiao shen me ming zi? (Eunhyuk.. You? What’s your name?)
Teuk: Wo shi Li Te. (I’m Leeteuk)
Teacher: Li Te.Teuk: Wo xiang ni. (I miss you)
Teacher: Ni xiang wo? (You miss me?)
Teuk: Mm.
Teacher: Zhen de? Ni xi huan wo? (Really? You like me?)
Teuk: Dui bu qi. (sorry.)*laughter*

Eunhyuk: Sun Yao, ni hen piao liang. (Sun Yao, you’re very pretty)
Teacher: ..Dui dui dui (Yes yes yes)
Eunhyuk: Sun Yao, zhu ni sheng ri kuai le (Sun Yao, wish you a happy birthday)

Teacher: Li Te, ni hen shuai. (Leeteuk, you are very handsome)
Teuk: Ah. Ni hen shuai. hahaha.

–New word–

Bie wu hui. (Don’t misunderstand)

–New Word–

Teng ma? (Is it pain?)
Wo ye teng. (I’m painful too)

Ye – Too

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Pics can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. bestiz


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