Sukira Kiss The Radio [Feeding Time][Random Clip]

February 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to ppsonbbb @ Youtube]

Lol, I was just looking around at Youtube and I found this cute video, and I couldn’t resist to post it XD

Leeteuk’s like putting the food in his mouth and then trying to make Hyuk and that lady eat it. HAHA, they’re like “NAH, you just had it in you mouth, man!”.. but I think that the woman actually wanted to eat it, see how she hesitated for a second 8DD (LOL, I know I would eat it!! XD)

And then Hyuk tries the same thing and he puts it in his mouth when Leeteuk isn’t watching. :P When he gives it him, Leeteuk is like:
– You put it in your mouth, didn’t you? 
– No, I didn’t! :D
– Yeah, I’m sure you did!
– No.. *smile*
– … really? *licks food*

LOL, but the best part was when Hyuk ate it afterwards O_O He ACTUALLY ATE the food that Teuk licked on! 8DDD Then Leeteuk tries again, with the food in the mouth and trying to give it to Eunhyuk. But leader doesn’t seem to be as discrete as Hyuk is, because he refuses to eat it. X3


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Sukira Kiss The Radio [080228][YT]

February 28, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Woho, lots and lots of caps and vids today! ^_^ Though they seem to be yawning in almost every cap xD SLEEEEEP BOYS! I bet they only sleep like 1-2 hours every night, like they did when they debuted T___T That is NOT healthy. If I could, I would go over there and do all their work just so they can sleep for a while x’3

Anyways, as I was saying there are many caps and vids. Here are the Youtube vids I found:

Eunhyuk checking Teuk’s teeth.
LOL, you got something stuck between your teeth, leader? XD And boy, does Hyuk look hot in that outfit or what! *___* (a bit nerdy though.. but I like nerdy 8D)

Close-up of our PERFECT leader.
How IN THE WORLD is it possible to look that perfect?! TT______TT And look at that sweet smile at 00:14.. *dies*

Dancing like dorks to YMCA.
Haha, I’m pretty sure that’s not the “official” dance for YMCA XD I heard somewhere that they danced like that at Super Show.. I’d give anything to see all 13 members doing that at the same time!! 8DDD

Dancing to Kissing You.
Not only Sungmin seems to like this song a lot, these boys also seem like it x3 Not much dancing though, just a bit in the beginning but still worth to watch :D It’s mostly Teuk that’s dancing, but they both seemed to know the part at 01:17 XDD

Pics can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. SJ-Market
I told you there was a lot! ^^;

Credits: SJ-market & shinmoreyell @youtube

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Zhang Li Yin – 星愿 & 幸福的左岸 (I Will & Lovers)[Full MV]

February 27, 2008 at 2:46 pm (Korea, Super Junior, zhang li yin) (, , , )

 Jang Ri In

Youtube links:
Zhang Li Yin – I Will Part 1
Zhang Li Yin – Lovers (Happiness’ Left Short) – Part 2
(Lovers takes off where I Will ended.)

This is so heartbreaking! TT_______TT I’m speechless right now, I don’t know what to say really ;___; Hankyung and Siwon are such good actors, it felt so real. Like Hankyung really died! T_T I think I started crying at the point where he took the bullet for Siwon, that is what a true friend would do. *sob sob*

On a brighter side, Geng looked adorable when he was eating! ^__^ Taking in an enormous amount of food in his mouth and then feeding the girl X3 Cute cute cute! ♥ And he looked gorgeous when he made tea for the both of them and noticed that she woke up, and looked at her and smiled! *__*

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Sungmin talking about EunHae on UFO Town

February 27, 2008 at 1:58 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

Super Junior

Sungmin and Donghae on UFO.    Sides. @soompi posted this link and a translation:

Fans send in questions and they answer it, and i guess the question was “what do you think of skinship?”
So Donghae is like “yeah skinship… hyungs and dongsaengs, when theyre like sleeping i go ‘wake upppppp’ *pats sungmin’s butt* and pat their butts to tell them to wake up. to my friends eunhyuk and shiwon i give them a hug and tell them to wake up~”
And Sungmin is like interrupting him saying IS THAT ALLLLL? NOOOOOO
and then the MC butts in and is like i think i’ve seen your shows where you guys kiss each other and stuff…
and THEN Min is like “OHH~ Donghae keeps kissing Eunhyuk, I’m starting to suspect something. When Eunhyuk is sleeping Donghae secretly crawls into his bed and hugs him from the back and he acts like he’s going in to his room to wake him up, but later we find out that they’re hugging and both sleeping. Donghae reaaaaaaally likes skinship~”

HI EUNHAE~! *___* This is just… wow! XDD And look at Donghae, it’s not like he denies it or anything, so it must be true!! *faints* HAHA, I worship Sungmin for telling us this, he should get the Nobel price or something! 8DDD *imagining Donghae crawling into Hyuk’s bed and hugging him from behind* 
GUH, these boys drive my little fan girl mind crazy.

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Arashi no Shukudaikun [080218][Stinky Food]

February 25, 2008 at 10:39 pm (Arashi, Japan) (, , , )

[Credits to karupin413 @ Youtube]

Hahaha, I just HAD to post this one! xD It’s from last week’s Arashi no Shukudaikun where they boys are more or less forced to eat stinky food. :P This part is when they eat soured herring, a Swedish delicacy. (Woho, my country ^__^ Though I, as well as many other Swedes, hate soured herring XDD)

The thing is that when the cans are opened they release a strong smell and it doesn’t look very tasty either :P. Because of the smell, the dish is often eaten outdoors, so I can understand why they don’t really want to taste it.. xD

HAHA, I loved when Ohno lost in rock-paper-scissors and had to go inside the the box to eat it and he suddenly says “UMAI! O_O” XD
There’s just one thing that bugs me big time.. THEY’RE JUST DIPPING THE BREAD (or whatever) IN THE BRINE! o_____o They are supposed to eat the herring! XDDDD

Oh and btw, I found a pic of “Oscars Surströmming” that they were using :D


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Sukira Kiss The Radio [080225]

February 25, 2008 at 3:15 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Hyuk’s hair..! It’s.. short! O_O WHY WHY WHY did he cut it? TT____TT I’m not saying he doesn’t look good in this haircut, because he does! But.. I never got to see him in a ponytail *cries* Oh well, it’s not the end of the world.. just almost xD

 Anyways, the boys look tired ^^; Hehe, look at Teukie yawning really big 8D Well, I can’t blame them! It must be tiring to have three concerts in a row! Poor boys, I hope they’ll be able to get some rest now (even though I’m almost sure they will start their practise again now, to prepare for the next concerts ;__;)

[Edit] More caps HERE, HERE and HERE, and some fantaken Hyuk pics HERE. SJ-Market

Credits: whencinderellalaughs @Soompi

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SBS Change 080224 [Visiting SuJu’s dorm]

February 24, 2008 at 6:00 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to monmonsnow2 @ Youtube, PART 2]

HAHA omg, I loved this episode! xD I love how they caught the members kinda off guard, like they found Leeteuk’s porn. xDDD (still not sure if it was a prank or if it was real but it was funny as hell) You could see Teuk’s face turning into a tomato as he watched his idol image getting destroyed right in front of his eyes 8D

HAHAHA, those underwear with hearts on them were so hot! 8D Are they Shindong’s? LOL ^__^ And those small ones were…Heechul’s? O_O *dies*
And what’s up with the old food in the fridge? LOL, I hope Geng isn’t using that old food when he’s cooking XP Good thing SDY came to the rescue and threw it away :P

I wonder what they other members were saying about Kangin when they were sitting in a circle on the floor :P *hoping for someone to sub at least that part*
But the best part was definitely when Kang got up and dropped Leeteuk’s porn from under his jacket! OMFG, I thought I was gonna die, my stomach still hurts after laughing so much! xD And how come he always turns into a very violent person when he’s in those situations? :P I mean, in the previous episode he also started to fight with Dong Yup XDD Dork~!
Somehow Teuk managed to figure out that it was Kangin (but hey how hard can it be to recognize your secret lover? <– Sorry 8D) and Kangin rips the mask off ^^ LOL at the other members, they were like: “.. O___________O hyung..?”
Lol, as I said this episode was so funny! GO WATCH IT NOW! :D (and make sure you thank monmonsnow2 for the upload ^^)

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Super Show [Massive Picspam]

February 24, 2008 at 3:25 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, )


Haha, this is like my favourite picture from this weekend’s concerts! ^^ Sungminnie’s so cute, and they look like they’re having so much fun :D
LOL, my middle finger has gone numb from right-clicking and saving every picture I could find! XD There are so many pics O_O Anyway, I thought I’d share some of them :D

  • HERE is a bunch of pics posted on SJ-Market.
    I spy KANGTEUK! :D *hugs kind photographer who managed to capture that moment*
  • HERE are some pics of leader crying (don’t cry, Teuk! ^u^) and also one of Shindong playing around with Hyuk and.. who ever that is! XD
  • And while I’m on the subject, HERE are some lovely looking pictures of Teuk crying again.
  • Sungmin pics HERE! ^^ I like his new earrings! C:
  • More pics from SJ-Market HERE. :D
  • Lovely pics from the press conference HERE. Watch out for the caveman, aka Kibum! xD

Chul with a Sapphire Blue balloon during Marry U

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The tears of an angel

February 23, 2008 at 6:30 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, )

GOD, I just found THIS on sj-market.. it hurts so much to see Teukie cry, even though I know it is tears of happiness 
He must be so proud to be able to stand on that stage, their very own concert, together with all 13 members two years after their debut. Hell, even I’M proud of them, I can’t even imagine how he must be feeling

Anyway, HERE are also some pics from today’s concert. HI, TEUK’S PONYTAIL! :D Long time no see! X3 *secretly hugs computer screen* I love his ponytail, it reminds me of the Haengbok-times ^____^

Oh btw, I’m not gonna post any fancams here, since I’ve decided not to watch any of those. I’ll sit here and wait for a concert DVD, since I guess (or as I have said before; DEMAND) that SM will release one. :)

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Preview of Jang Ri In – I Will [ft. Geng & Siwon]

February 22, 2008 at 9:19 pm (Korea, sukira)

[Credits to haewonnie @ Youtube]

… Okay? And WHERE exactly are Siwon and Hankyung? O___O Did I just miss them? *watches again*… OMFG..! Yeah, you’ll have to watch it yourself to understand what I mean! XD
The song is nice though, Jang Ri In has a beautiful voice. ^_^

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