Happy Birthday, Cho Kyuhyun! ♥

February 2, 2008 at 3:00 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )


Happy 21st Birthday Kyuhyun!

I’m happy you get to celebrate yet another birthday.
We all know you wouldn’t have if that car accident would have taken your life..
My eyes get filled with tears just thinking about it.
I’m glad you have recovered and is able to perform again on stage ~ ♥
Stay healthy and always keep a smile on your face.

We will always love and support you!




  1. yang said,

    happy b-day kyuhyun.. i love u much.. take care always.. i hope to see you soon. more b-days to came to you

  2. yang said,


  3. Lhen said,

    ,,, hi kyu hyun belated Happy Birthday 2 u!!!! ,,more b-days 2 2 come!!! stay healhty…. ,,Luv You So Much…. Take Care Always!!! ,,Muahh Godbless….

  4. Lhen said,

    ,,i will not stop suporting you…..

  5. lhen33 said,

    KYU your THE BEST!!!!!

  6. sara said,


  7. ♥Kyoung-Mi♥(경숙 - 마일) said,

    umm sorry to inform you but who ever made this page made a mistake his B-Day is on Feb 3, 1988, not on feb 2…….
    but it’s okay at least ppl remember ……
    사랑하는 당신은 나의 아름다운 kyuhyun
    경숙 – 마일에서 당신의 열성 팬이 적
    그렇게 아무도 당신을 위해서만 눈을 가지고있어.
    ♥ Kyuhyun! ♥
    슈퍼 주니어 바위들!(Super Junior rocks!!!)

  8. queensagara said,

    ♥Kyoung-Mi♥(경숙 – 마일): Well, I know this was posted on February 2 but I always post these birthday posts when it is that date in Korea. So since Korea is like eight hours ahead of my time zone, I technically have to post these one day before their birthday. ^^’ But great that you noticed that :)

  9. izay said,

    i just knew about him 4 days ago through youtube..i was browsing charice pempengco’s appearance on OPRAH WINFREY and there were a lot of related videos popped out, then i just clicked and watched it all..i have watched his duet with charice..and i was very impressed with the quality of his voice..it’s really nice, and very masculine..i’m beginning to like him as a performer..he’s really good and very good looking as well..kudos cho hyukyun!

  10. kyu'n'xiah said,

    Saranghae kyuhyun oppa! And Happy B-day to you too~~!!Muacks! Loving you foreva!

  11. jerlyn said,

    otanjobi kyuhyun!!!!

  12. paigex said,

    Kyuhyun, happy late bday. ♥ you lots. I would ask you to prom but you turned 21 already. Their will be a exception if you still wanted to go, that is that we are married. LOL I don’t think you’ll want to get married with me yet. LOL ♥ you always kyuhyun!


  13. may said,


  14. LMEES said,

    omg..! i love kyuhyun so much

    and i am not korean or amrican

    i am arabic girl .. that’s why i speak wrong hhhhh

    any way .. i wich 4 kyu the best and he is so beautiful

    see you soon i hope h3

  15. vii_mudth (wife kyu) said,

    so sweet ~ he playing gitar to me ~

  16. miel said,

    kyuhyun best

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