Sukira Kiss The Radio [080204]

February 5, 2008 at 9:06 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Haha, why~ Hyukkie?! XD In the middle of the night.. indoors? Why would you possibly need sunglasses at a time like that? 8D  Ah, okay! You want to grow up and be just like your leader? I see.. xP

More pics HERE. bestiz

Credits: cenara @Soompi



  1. mhajic said, can i watch them?..or can i watch them?!!!
    where?or just even emailing them(kiss the radio station)>>?
    please answer..

  2. queensagara said,

    mhajic: You could always go to KBS homepage and download the Kong player (google it if you want the details x3) or you can stay tuned on my blog, since I will try to upload the whole episodes or post a link to a streaming video ^___^

  3. mitsuki said,

    a question:
    i have downloaded the kong player but it ask for an account log-in.
    i have registered too, but when i want to log-in it shows a window saying “foreigner logon restricted” or something

    how did you registered?
    i have registered in foreign mode D:

    email me, please DD:

  4. xpinqs said,

    Hi, I have the same problem as mitsuki.. Can anyone help? please :(

  5. teukkie_angel said,

    somebody told me once that to actually watch sukira, u gotta make an account, and they’re gonna ask u about more details, like passport number and stuff like that too.

    i dont know. it sounds weird.

  6. queensagara said,

    teukkie_angel: Yeah, they ask for a LOT of information that are not so comfortable to give out just like that. But that’s just how it works in Korea, they are really careful when it comes to these things, especially when dealing with foreigners.
    The first thing they ask you when making a new account is what your purpose is for starting an account there, and if you’re not specific enough they’ll get suspicious.

    So the things you write when making your account will be kept a secret, don’t worry. After all, this is KBS! ^-^

    • Rachel 레이첼 said,

      iF TRIED FOR TWO TIMES and they still say my account has a problem, can anyone find a way to listen to kiss the radio with KBS and Itunes???? I can’t listen to them on Itunes since it’s not supported by other coutry…. T.T

  7. Christine said,


    I would like to know the official e-mail ad of super junior…i find it hard to send a message with them. Once, I tried to check on Heechul’s Home page…I do not know what to do since the script is Korean. I am a fan from the Philippines. I really like their song Can’t stop thinking About you…Don’t Don etc…eventhough if I cannot understand the lyrics…I really like the beat of the song and the blending of their voices.
    They are all good looking…especially Kyuhyun…he seems a bit shy among them but he really has a very good voice…Thanks to KBS I get to see them doing crazy things and dancing…More power to your station!

  8. cAmiLLe said,

    hi!!! iF u dOnt miNd..

    cAn i aSk a qUestiOn..


    iM a sUjU fAn..

    aNd i want 2 sEnt a eMail iN kiSs dA rADio..

    cOz i wAtch iN yOu tuBe dAt dEy rEad a eMail frOm cAlifOnia..

    pLz tElL mHe dA eMail aDdrEsS..

    pLz rEply aT mAh fRiEndsTer aCcOuNt..


    pLz rEply..

    pLz hElp mHe..

  9. JaeNee said,

    please tell me sukira email..
    i want to sent some email too…

    this is my e-mail

    if anybody knows it please tell me…
    appreciate it so much..^^

  10. mae said,

    i am a super junior fan here in Philippines. like christine, i would like to send some message to super junior too. but i don’t know how to get in there…can somebody tell me please?..i went to their official site but since it was in hangul, still i can’t understand. if you care to share how to send an message to them here’s my email:

    thank you so much…hope this favor won’t annoy you..i’m sorry…
    i’ll be waiting for your response people..thank you so much..really!..

  11. ijustlovetvxq said,

    uhm i have a kong player already and a malaysian friend gave me/ lend me her usernme and pw so i cn listen to sukira bt how cn i see vids???????????????

    i dont see vids of them yet…………………………………………………and i wnt it badly

  12. Superjuniorfan.. said,

    I’m the fan of Super Junior.. I want the Sukira e-mail address too.. please give me.. this is my e-mail: I hope u can help me.. So I can send message to them.. Please.. I really want it..

  13. lalala~ said,

    can I know 2 ?

  14. lalala~ said,

    i mean , can i know the email ?

    repp yeah !


    tq ..

  15. Andrea said,

    I want to watch Kiss The Radio really badly ><
    and it says Foreigner Restricted or something like that when I try to log on,
    Can anybody help me please x___x;

  16. Hyunnie said,

    Can you tell me the email address or mailing address or calling in number of sukira ? Email me at

    Thanks in ad.

  17. Leila said,

    i got the same problem of foreigner log on restricted. can someone help me solve the problem? Email me at .
    Thanks a lot.

  18. farrah said,

    hello… can you help me too?? i want to send mail at sukira.. do you know there email add?? plss tell me. thanks a lot… btw, here’s my email add:

  19. iluvpurple said,

    I am also a fan of sukira at the same tym super junior too…..

    I just want to ask if you do know the email of sukira….

    Please……I’m begging you…..

    just sen it to my email……

  20. iluvpurple said,

    I am also a fan of sukira at the same tym super junior too…..

    I just want to ask if you do know the email of sukira….

    just send it to my email……

    I will really appreciate your kindness

  21. cookiesncheez said,

    o? so you guys have the email for sukira? can i please have it too???
    please please please???
    thanks loads!!! i’ve been looking around for ages~
    heres my email:
    thanks once again~ suju fighting! ^^

  22. nicoleta said,

    Do they have something like that!? oO!
    I know sukira has its own CyWorld:
    and you can leave a msg there.

    Or… msgs through KONG player.
    Both Cyworld and Kong registrations require a copy of your id… I’ve been using both Cyworld and Kong for almost a year and I’m still fine!

    I’ve never heard about “kiss the radio” having an e-mail address. oO!

  23. nicoleta said,

    Ok! I’ve checked SuKiRa’s minihp and this is what it’s written there:

  24. aiko said,

    weeeeeeew! ^^

    finally, i can listen to sukira kiss the radio..

    but how can i download or upload it on youtube?

    • Rachel 레이첼 said,

      Can you tell me how are you able to listen to the radio station???? PLease help me, I’ve tried for 2 times on KBS and FAILED….
      Email me through this address :::


  25. aiko said,

    what i mean is the videos??

  26. goldiejae said,

    can i have your yahoo messenger account??
    please send it in this email..!
    and also the email of sukira!!
    i want to send them fan letters as well!
    thank you very much!!

  27. ana kristina said,

    hmm…hello guys!..

    can u help me where i can send messages to sukira or emails?……i really love super junior..

    and i want to know where i can listen them live!..

    please…for somebody who knows where…or just a website….

    please ……..

    just email me if u know…


    this is my email—

  28. Yunna said,

    aiko, how do u watch it?? please tell me!!! pretty, pretty please~~~~

    i’ve downloaded the kong player. but it always shows foreigner logon restricted when i try to log in!! can anybody help?? email me at

  29. nana said,

    I want to send mail to Sukira too.
    If anyone knows the way to send mail to them, plz share with me!!!
    I am a big fan of them.
    I really really love them.
    So plz………
    my email is
    thank you very much!!!!!

  30. Kalei said,

    I have a question.
    Yes ummm, well yes i am a huge super junior fan and i was wondering how can you send like a letter to them or something, because i really really want to talk to them.
    Thank you ;]

  31. Kalei said,

    Oh yeah my email is
    Thank you ;]

  32. nami said,

    i wanna sykira mail address too..
    so if one of u have it,,please tell me
    and this is my email adress

  33. Marie-Joanna said,

    since everyone seems to all want the same info wouldnt it be much better to just write the info somewhere once instead of having to email to a bunch of different people?
    I have to agree though it is VERY hard to find a way to send them fanmail as I too have been looking

  34. sharon said,

    i too want to know how to send them fan mails…coz am a HUGE fan of super junior. as in i love em so much! can i know there email add for kiss the radio? can you please mail it to me? here’s my email add…… thank you!!!

  35. deny said,

    i also want to know the kiss the radio email.. can i have their email pleaseeee……..

    you can send it to my email :

    thank you soo muchhh

  36. ELIS said,



  37. bigbang susu said,

    thax 4 the e-mail……

  38. l0v3_SJ_4ever said,

    Plz tell me howw to send a letter to suju
    I do love suju. I wanna talk to them
    can u send me kisstheradio’s address or its e-mail?
    plz help me
    My e-mail:
    Thank you so much!

  39. XinBi said,

    mmmm,,, ~~~
    i’ve downloaded the kong player. but it always shows foreigner logon restricted when i try to log in! can anybody help me?? i really wanna sent them email too,, >.<,, email me at

    thank you,, kamsahamnida,, jeongmar gomaweoyo

  40. Snoo said,

    If anyone figures out how to email them, pleaseee let me know! You can email me at (: Please, in Singapore, everything’s resticted D:

  41. anooy-yoon said,

    ya , since ur outside korea u have to send a copy of ur passport and send it to their email or fax
    their email is
    U should make sure that the same inf what u filled , is the same in the passport , otherwise rejoin with another email
    after that they will send u back to confrim it ^_^
    I want to know also how to send them a letter
    plz contact if u know
    or ask me anything ^_^

  42. khatwin said,

    I may join diblog this?
    I want to ask the email address on the radio kiss korea what?
    I’d love to meet with super junior

  43. Lizaa said,

    Im abit confused too.. Ive been trying to find out how to watch either Sukira or Chunji online but they ask for ur passport and all D: If anyone has an account there could i please share it with you (:

  44. novie_nophie said,

    how can I log in to Kong without being noticed with ‘foreigner log on restricted’?I really want to watch Sukira.and can anybody tell me Sukira email n mailing address?coz I want to write them an email n send them a gift.please email me at
    thanks a lot… ^^

  45. Alix said,

    pleeeeease i reallly want to know the email too. i live in the usa and i need to find away to say something to them! gahh im going crazy … pleas please please let me know
    thank you ~

  46. Manilyn said,

    For those who have problems registering to watch sukira here are some info.
    most of you hav problems with the “foreigner log in restricted”
    all you need to do is send an ID-copy to kbs together with your registered username.
    make sure the info u put when registering is the same info of ur ID.. or they wont confirm you if its not the same.
    it wont take long after they confirmed you. it took me only 24 hours.

    i dont think sukira have email address.. if its abt sukira fanmail..where they read msgs from fans..just send them a msg thru KBS KONG player or KBS website.. Cyworld can be an option.. but i think only sukira staff is using it :P

    (lol im not here to promote but..hehe :P)
    for those who missed them live..
    please visit my youtube channel for sukira cuts everyday^^
    w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / m a n i l y n 1 2
    msg me there if u need more info^^

    • novie_nophie said,

      thanks a lot for your info…
      but I still have a few question…
      you said that to send an ID-copy to kbs together with your registered username.
      is it send by mail or email?
      can I get KBS address?
      thanks again… ^^

  47. Kali said,

    Hi….Can any1 tell me the email address of Kiss the radio???? I’m a really big fan
    My email is :
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  48. pita chan said,

    ao namaku pita aku mau tah dunk email resminya sukira kiss fm trs gmn aja biar tuh email nyampe ksukiranya langsung trs bisa dbaca ma teukkie…. pliss dibales yah makaci sblumnya ini emailku kalo aja konfirmasi lebih lanjut

  49. faa_duck_angels said,

    i’m already make the account on KBS. but i must send my ID. where i must sent it? thank you…
    because i can’t log in to Kong….

  50. panhead said,

    hai i anne from malaysia
    can any1 tell me any email address of super junior member?
    or email address of Kiss The Radio?
    only God can repay u guys…
    u can email to me at –

    Thank u!!!!!

  51. ally gray said,

    hi… same as the fans above, can i also have the email add of sukira? or can anybody please tell me…please….thank you.

  52. ally gray said,

    here is my email add….….please. thanks again!

  53. reine said,

    so we have to send in our id or passport to kbs then when they verified it they will reply us through email then we can watch it? & their email is ?
    I’m in singapore and i have the problem of foreign log in restricted too trying to figure that out for a while now cant wait to watch it (:

    Thanks alot , <3 EUNHYUK! ;D

  54. moon said,

    i’m the biggest fan of super junior can any1 tell me email address of kiss the radio
    please this is my email

  55. sherina said,


    Same question as above… I’m a huge fan and I would like to call Sukira or just sent them email, could you please help me out?

  56. taufiq said,

    just go 2
    den click 2fm.

  57. Mira said,


    I’m a Super Junior fan from Philippines…I just want to ask if anybody know how to send an e-mail for SUKIRA…. i heard it many times that they received fan mails from other countries.. i was hoping to send one for them.. if somebody can help me please give me the e-mail add of sukira and the other details please here’s my add …..^^….. thank you

  58. dana said,

    Hello Do you get any information about the email please I beg you give me I’m waiting on tenterhooks
    and this s my email
    God bless you wherever you are

  59. Chan said,

    this is my address email please add me <3

  60. Sha said,

    Hi (:
    I want to know the email ad for sukira or sukira address ? :(
    I really want to know and send an letter or email . (:
    My email is .
    Please tell me by sending me an emai of their address.
    Thanks a lot (:

  61. Karen said,

    I would like to know the email address for sukira or sukira address .. can you help me on this??

    My email is .

    Please tell me by sending me an emai of their address.

    Thanks a lot :)

  62. nora said,

    can any one tell me what is the phone number of kiss the radio …. please i want it so badly
    *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*

  63. watch dogs demo download said,

    Really no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it occurs.

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