Happy Birthday, Hankyung! ♥

February 8, 2008 at 8:16 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )


It is now february 9th in Korea which means that our Hankyung has turned one year older.

♥ Happy birthday, Hankyung! ♥

♥ 84.02.09-08.02.09 ♥

I hope you will have a great birthday
and the best year ever.
I also hope that you will stay healthy,
and that we can always see a smile on you face.

We will always love you, Geng.
And Super Junior 13.

Hankyung as MC on Love Letter
LOL, I love this clip! XD I remember that he has mentioned that he was really shy and not very confident about his Korean at that time, but it doesn’t show at all! He cracked me up big time! :P I love the -“Ah chun, chun, chun, chun”  -“ARE-YOU-READY-YET?”. ROFL, and look at Heechul, lying on the floor! XDD

Hankyung singing on the radio
OMG, his voice is the SMEX!  Enough said! ♥___♥

Siwon and Hankyung on Love Letter [06.09.09]
HAHA! This so is awesome! :D I love their silly costumes and how none of them seems to be able to stand up on the bridge. XD Geng falls like three times before he reaches the center :P And he tricked the other guy. 8D Haha you’re a bit naughty, aren’t you? ^___^

HanChul dancing on the radio
… yeaah~? XD LOL, they are such dorks! ^__^ I think it’s Heechul that has made him like that. 8DD

Hankyung Cookie Issues 1 & Cookie Issues 2
These videos are priceless! He looks so funny trying so desperately to eat the cookie ^_^ It makes me laugh everytime :)




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