Super Show [Info + Pics]

February 22, 2008 at 8:37 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, )


The first concert in Seoul out of three is now over.. I wonder how the boys feel! :D They must be so happy and relieved, I hope everything went okay ^^ jungsoo @ Live Journal has the complete (though not 100% accurate) setlist and the first thing I noticed was:

“Donghae solo with pictures of him during 2 years and of his dad at the hospital”

OMG, that is so sweet! T____T I wonder what he sang.. I’d be crying my eyes out if I were to sing a song when pictures of my dead father was shown!  ;__;
Anyway, jungsoo also wrote:

“-It was Hyuk, Leeteuk, and Kibum who cried during Marry U because the fans sang Marry U to them.
Heenim might have dyed his hair back to what he had around TWINS!
For the ending, Teuk had angel wings, Heechul had a sunflower.”

Aw, they cried? TT__TT God, they really love their fans, don’t they? <3 And Heechul dyed his hair? O_O OMG, THAT I have to see :DDD
And Teuk wore angel wings and Rella had a sunflower… I SERIOUSLY DEMAND A CONCERT DVD!! I want to see all of this too D:

Here comes a nice little picspam:




Two more of Leeteuk HERE. sj-market

Credits: sj-market, jungsoo @ LJ,


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