SBS Change 080224 [Visiting SuJu’s dorm]

February 24, 2008 at 6:00 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to monmonsnow2 @ Youtube, PART 2]

HAHA omg, I loved this episode! xD I love how they caught the members kinda off guard, like they found Leeteuk’s porn. xDDD (still not sure if it was a prank or if it was real but it was funny as hell) You could see Teuk’s face turning into a tomato as he watched his idol image getting destroyed right in front of his eyes 8D

HAHAHA, those underwear with hearts on them were so hot! 8D Are they Shindong’s? LOL ^__^ And those small ones were…Heechul’s? O_O *dies*
And what’s up with the old food in the fridge? LOL, I hope Geng isn’t using that old food when he’s cooking XP Good thing SDY came to the rescue and threw it away :P

I wonder what they other members were saying about Kangin when they were sitting in a circle on the floor :P *hoping for someone to sub at least that part*
But the best part was definitely when Kang got up and dropped Leeteuk’s porn from under his jacket! OMFG, I thought I was gonna die, my stomach still hurts after laughing so much! xD And how come he always turns into a very violent person when he’s in those situations? :P I mean, in the previous episode he also started to fight with Dong Yup XDD Dork~!
Somehow Teuk managed to figure out that it was Kangin (but hey how hard can it be to recognize your secret lover? <– Sorry 8D) and Kangin rips the mask off ^^ LOL at the other members, they were like: “.. O___________O hyung..?”
Lol, as I said this episode was so funny! GO WATCH IT NOW! :D (and make sure you thank monmonsnow2 for the upload ^^)



  1. Tos said,

    haha, it was funny.^_^ i think Leeteuk’s porn was not real but a prank. ..even if that was real, it’s natural for a young boy. btw, i think that’s the nude pics album of Vivian Hsu. she is from Taiwan, used to be an actress, model, singer… but she became famous for an idol in Japan,. plus as a TV talent and a singer. she was a main vocal of “Black Biscuits”. their dubut single “Timing” was super hit.
    but that was about 10 yrs ago. so i think the book was staff’s. just Prank!^_^ oh, i also wanna know what they are saying.

  2. candychu said,

    hey ^^ this ep has been subbed by muishie already =]
    so u might wanna watch with subs!
    the expired food was actually placed there by the Change crew XD

  3. queensagara said,

    Tos: Really? Thanks for the info :D

    candychu: Really? YAY! :D I’ll go watch it right now ^^
    It was? O_O Then how about the porn, was it also placed by the crew or was it really Teuk’s? XD

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