Sungmin talking about EunHae on UFO Town

February 27, 2008 at 1:58 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

Super Junior

Sungmin and Donghae on UFO.    Sides. @soompi posted this link and a translation:

Fans send in questions and they answer it, and i guess the question was “what do you think of skinship?”
So Donghae is like “yeah skinship… hyungs and dongsaengs, when theyre like sleeping i go ‘wake upppppp’ *pats sungmin’s butt* and pat their butts to tell them to wake up. to my friends eunhyuk and shiwon i give them a hug and tell them to wake up~”
And Sungmin is like interrupting him saying IS THAT ALLLLL? NOOOOOO
and then the MC butts in and is like i think i’ve seen your shows where you guys kiss each other and stuff…
and THEN Min is like “OHH~ Donghae keeps kissing Eunhyuk, I’m starting to suspect something. When Eunhyuk is sleeping Donghae secretly crawls into his bed and hugs him from the back and he acts like he’s going in to his room to wake him up, but later we find out that they’re hugging and both sleeping. Donghae reaaaaaaally likes skinship~”

HI EUNHAE~! *___* This is just… wow! XDD And look at Donghae, it’s not like he denies it or anything, so it must be true!! *faints* HAHA, I worship Sungmin for telling us this, he should get the Nobel price or something! 8DDD *imagining Donghae crawling into Hyuk’s bed and hugging him from behind* 
GUH, these boys drive my little fan girl mind crazy.



  1. Aleex said,

    oooommmfffg, hur fick du reda på detta? video? vill se, länka ;__; VAD SÖÖÖÖTTTTTTTT x33333, börjar fnittra väldigt mycket när jag läste det och blev helt fangirl av mej, FEDT SÖTT x33 eunhae. <3

  2. queensagara said,

    Aleex: GUH, det FANNS en video i länken som jag hade postat men den verkar inte funka längre! =_= *slår sönder datorn* Jag ska se om jag hittar den nån annanstans >.<

  3. candychu said,

    OMG EUNHAE!!!!!
    they sleep together??? wats more weird is that i dont find that weird and i get excited by that idea XDD omg *goes crazy*
    oh and i dont think the porn was fake…coz otherwise the subs wudve said so :P tsk tsk teukie :P

  4. queensagara said,

    Aleex: Nu funkar länken igen! Go check it out! :DD

    candychu: LOL, same here! XD
    Kekeke~! Teukie, you naughty little boy! I think he has been hanging out with Eunhyuk too much lately. 8DD

  5. Aleex said,

    YEEAAAH, skall watcha det nu, tack så mycket du är snällaste x33

  6. Annie said,

    xD!! so cutee!! i want to give sungmin a hug like donghae does to eunhyuk!!!
    ♥♥♥ <3 my sungmin!!!=) he’s too cute and adorable^^hihi

  7. lyla_cin said,

    hehehhh, yeah i’ve seen this clip. after that, i got even more tuned in to eunhae. love them together.

  8. stephanie chheang said,

    Super junior are the BEST! They are all sooo gorgeous!

  9. Pokky said,

    I’m a super Eunhae fan… and to read this makes me happy! xDD
    I think it’s also funny because Donghae actually claimed he didn’t really like skinship… aww!
    ~lucky Eunhyuk… to be hugged and sleeping with Donghae! xD they are too adorable for words! xD

  10. kimkimi and asangtei said,

    hi sungmin and donghae..
    we are kimi and asangtei from mizoram
    we like you very much.
    we wanna see you very muchhhh
    we are your biggest fan..

  11. Bulan said,

    I’ts cute at all…really..^^

    I’ts just a really close friendship between Donghae and Eunhyuk, right?

    Although sometime I imagine something,.,.*@%^$!&!!!!

    But I like it..

    EunHae..!!! fighting..

  12. eunhae fans said,

    OMG i like it…
    donghae sleep wit eunhyuk…
    sooo cute

  13. Kerri said,

    so cute eunhae..^^
    where can i watch ufo town with donghae & sungmin..??

  14. iejain said,

    that’s veru cute..
    they are very close with each other..
    this is what super junior member look like..
    i’m very touching..

  15. orange said,

    Where can I find it? :D

  16. yAna said,

    can u give a gossip or info about my crush, kibum??

  17. Fishy Anchovy said,

    EUNHAE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Fishy Anchovy said,

    EunHae is my most favorite pairing on SuJu.. anyone who has info about EunHae, please share with me..


  19. pinny_Thailand said,

    Eunhae>>>they’re so cute…

  20. Karlisa said,

    omg im getting excited i absoluteley love EUNHAE !!!!!!

  21. elfjOyCe said,

    saranghe suju oppas!!!! sungmin…. sarangheyo!!

  22. Bubbles20 said,

    I love the EUNHAE couple more and they do care alot about each other and I wish I can meet them and the rest of Super Junior group. Bye

  23. k_oppa said,

    i just realize that there are such relationship in SuJu,… i am lately just get to be fan of them,…i am surprise,….but when reading and watching about eunhae,….they really are,…..hehehe,…..wishing that this friendship,…or what ever the things is,….last forever,…………cute

  24. Mico said,

    hello everyone!

    for those looking for the video… well, i found it!

    here is the link:


    Note: if you can speak and/or understand english, please disable the annotations (the callout button) so you can read the english subs properly.

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