Sukira Kiss The Radio [080228][YT]

February 28, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Woho, lots and lots of caps and vids today! ^_^ Though they seem to be yawning in almost every cap xD SLEEEEEP BOYS! I bet they only sleep like 1-2 hours every night, like they did when they debuted T___T That is NOT healthy. If I could, I would go over there and do all their work just so they can sleep for a while x’3

Anyways, as I was saying there are many caps and vids. Here are the Youtube vids I found:

Eunhyuk checking Teuk’s teeth.
LOL, you got something stuck between your teeth, leader? XD And boy, does Hyuk look hot in that outfit or what! *___* (a bit nerdy though.. but I like nerdy 8D)

Close-up of our PERFECT leader.
How IN THE WORLD is it possible to look that perfect?! TT______TT And look at that sweet smile at 00:14.. *dies*

Dancing like dorks to YMCA.
Haha, I’m pretty sure that’s not the “official” dance for YMCA XD I heard somewhere that they danced like that at Super Show.. I’d give anything to see all 13 members doing that at the same time!! 8DDD

Dancing to Kissing You.
Not only Sungmin seems to like this song a lot, these boys also seem like it x3 Not much dancing though, just a bit in the beginning but still worth to watch :D It’s mostly Teuk that’s dancing, but they both seemed to know the part at 01:17 XDD

Pics can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. SJ-Market
I told you there was a lot! ^^;

Credits: SJ-market & shinmoreyell @youtube


1 Comment

  1. candychu said,

    omg hyukkie~~~
    lemme take u home ^^
    he looks so adorable and i like the way tufts of his hair are messy XDD kekeke *i like i like*
    …and i still cant get over eunhae skinship *dies*

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