Sukira Kiss The Radio [Feeding Time][Random Clip]

February 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to ppsonbbb @ Youtube]

Lol, I was just looking around at Youtube and I found this cute video, and I couldn’t resist to post it XD

Leeteuk’s like putting the food in his mouth and then trying to make Hyuk and that lady eat it. HAHA, they’re like “NAH, you just had it in you mouth, man!”.. but I think that the woman actually wanted to eat it, see how she hesitated for a second 8DD (LOL, I know I would eat it!! XD)

And then Hyuk tries the same thing and he puts it in his mouth when Leeteuk isn’t watching. :P When he gives it him, Leeteuk is like:
– You put it in your mouth, didn’t you? 
– No, I didn’t! :D
– Yeah, I’m sure you did!
– No.. *smile*
– … really? *licks food*

LOL, but the best part was when Hyuk ate it afterwards O_O He ACTUALLY ATE the food that Teuk licked on! 8DDD Then Leeteuk tries again, with the food in the mouth and trying to give it to Eunhyuk. But leader doesn’t seem to be as discrete as Hyuk is, because he refuses to eat it. X3



  1. Tos said,

    they can use chopsticks well^_^ Have you ever used chopsticks?

  2. queensagara said,

    Tos: Haha, they sure can ^_^ Yes, I always eat noodles with chopsticks.. there’s no other way to eat them, it’s impossible with a fork XD

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