[CF] 12Plus Extra Cool – Siwon & Kibum

March 3, 2008 at 7:53 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to symbelmyn @ Youtube]

Behind the scenes

I know I’m a bit late with this.. school, you know. ;) So anyway, here’s Siwon and Kibum’s thai CF for 12Plus. They look gorgeous! *__* I love Siwon’s dorky little dance @ 00:15 XD Kibum is just.. GAH! ::heart::
Did you guys notice the sign a fan held up in the “behind the scenes” video? “Kibum, do you see Donghae?”. AW, I hope he saw that :3 KiHae is LOVE! (but I like EunHae more X3)
And I’m really jealous of that Thai girl (I guess she’s some kind of actress or singer?), she got to shoot this CF with them.. plus she’s really pretty too TT____TT



  1. suju4ever said,

    The girl is a popular actress in thailand rite now. I love siwon and kibum’s dorkiness in the commerical, so cute! ^^ I read some where that “Donghae” also ment east sea since they’re at the beach, i guess? I also read that the real donghea was invited but couldn’t make it due to schedules.

  2. queensagara said,

    suju4ever: Really? What’s her name? :3
    Yeah, I know that Donghae means “east sea” :D That is one smart fan, I would never have thought of that XD

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