[CF] Gunpla – Kibum

March 3, 2008 at 8:02 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to sj07vn @ Youtube]

LOL Kibum! :DDD I absolutely LOVE his expression when he goes “UWAAH?! >;O” XD HAHA, I’m watching this over and over again, it kills me every time 8D

Gunpla version 2 –
CUUUUTE! *______* The first few seconds are really adorable ^^ And the ending cracks me up!! XD That ninja is funny :x I don’t understand the purpose of the ninja, (LOL, thanks cholalola16 for telling me it’s not a ninja, but in fact a bankrobber XD) but it’s hecka funny 8D



  1. cholalola16 said,

    hee hee that’s so funny and cute
    but that’s not a ninja, it’s a bank robber.
    kibummie and that girl are hostages.

  2. queensagara said,

    It’s not? O_O *watches again*
    … you’re right, it’s not a ninja! XD NOW it all makes sense! ^^;; Thanks for pointing that out :X

  3. Tos said,

    that’s why… surely, i hear the siren of the patrol car. btw, it was my surprise that you know Ninja!^_^ Using chopsticks in Sweden, too.

  4. mitsuki said,

    hello :O

    i have commented in a past entry, but anyways, i will ask here too xDD

    i have downloaded the kong player but it ask for an account log-in.
    i have registered too, but when i want to log-in it shows a window saying “foreigner logon restricted” or something

    how did you registered?
    i have registered in foreign mode D:

    email me, please DD:

    yea, i know this doesnt anything to do with this entry D:
    anyways, that CF is awesome LOL~~

  5. moo_nok said,

    this picture is so cute ^_^

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