Sukira Kiss the Radio [080307]

March 7, 2008 at 4:45 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , )


CUTE! *_____* I’m speechless T_T
But anyway, Sukira has been Bora all week. Unfortunately I have been so darn busy this week that I haven’t had the time to post anything -_- I’ll try to catch up a bit and post some right now. :3

Both Teuk and Hyuk were wearing white today *0* (and y’all know how much I love it when they do :’3) I haven’t seen any cuts from today, so I can’t say much. xP I might be back with more caps later ^^

[Edit1] Leeteuk and Eunhyuk singing SNSD’s Girl’s Generation
Wow, great singing! :D I loved Hyuk’s little dance in the chorus ^-^ And when he forgot that it was his turn to sing x3

Caps HERE, HERE and HERE. SJ-Market



  1. kristyne said,

    wee… nice blog!!! im a big suju lover too…


    nweiz.. keep posting!!!


  2. candychu said,

    lol i cant get over this pic…i keep seeing it and i just smile with teukkie ^_____^ its sooo cute

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