Sweet Memories With Super Junior

March 7, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, )


So I guess you guys have heard of this, the JPop compilation album with songs supposedly chosen by the members of Super Junior. (I’m not too sure though.. how come it’s like only artists under Avex TRAX? Are they only doing this to promote their artists? -_-) Anyways~, the cover looks very sweet! The album will be released on 12 March and will consist of 2 CDs with 18 songs;

DISC 1 :

1. Do As Infinity / 魔法の言葉~Would you marry me?~ (DongHae’s choice)
2. Ayumi Hamasaki / Greatful days (SungMin’s choice)
3. Ken Hirai / 瞳をとじて (Close my eyes) (KyuHyun’s choice)
4. L`Arc~en~Ciel / HONEY (HeeChul’s choice)
5. m-flo ♥ BoA / The Love Bug (EunHyuk & RyeoWook & KangIn’s choice)
6. The Gospellers / ミモザ (Mimosa) (HanKyung’s choice)
7. TRAX / Rhapsody (HeeChul & ShiWon & ShinDong’s choice)
8. 案全地帯 / ショコラ (Chocolate) (KyuHyun & KiBum’s choice)
9. BoA / キミのとなりで (Next to you) (ShinDong’s choice)

DISC 2 :

1. KODA KUMI / 愛のうた (Love song) (KangIn’s choice)
2. MISIA / つつみ込むように (RyeoWook’s choice)
3. EXILE / 道 (Road) (YeSung’s choice)
4. Chun Sang Ji Hee / I’ll Kiss You (DongHae & HanKyung & LeeTeuk’s choice)
5. Ryohei / Sweet Soul Revue (KiBum’s choice)
6. ORANGE RANGE / 花 (Flower) (LeeTeuk’s choice)
7. Skoop on Somebody / sha la la (SungMin & YeSung’s choice)
8. Dong Bang Shin Gi / Choosey Lover (EunHyuk’s choice)
9. X / Endless Rain (ShiWon’s choice)

I’m not sure I’ll buy this.. I really wanna boycott SM right now, but I’m too weak T___T We’ll have to see, I think I’ll buy it anyway. *dodges tomatoes from other boycotters* 

Credits: evanesco@soompi for complete tracklist


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  1. candychu said,

    haha y u wanna boycott SM?
    ill boycott SM if they produce the supershow concert dvd WITHOUT donghae’s stripping in the U performance
    and there had better not be any copywright issues regarding sexyback BCOZ I MUST SEE HAE’S BACK IN HQ !!!!

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