Sukira Kiss the Radio [080316]

March 16, 2008 at 7:33 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to shinmoreyell @ Youtube]

So Leeteuk is talking to his Kangin on the phone.. no maybe not, but a girl can dream right!? XD Notice how Leeteuk just sits there daydreaming after the phone call.. I bet he’s thinking of Kangin 8D glksffasjufh! *major fangirl spazz*

Mean while, Yesung is singing his heart out xD I have yet to see the whole Sukira for today but from what I’ve read he was very talkative and was always lipsynching to the songs XD He’s so dorkylicious <3

Oh, and for those of you who doesn’t know this yet.. the reason why Yesung is there and not Hyuk, is because our monkey is hurt. T_T I just found out today (since I have been so busy =_=) that he fell off the MC stage on M!Countdown. People say he hurt his right wrist and also that his right arm is swollen. AW, my poor little monkey! TT_____TT Because of this, Yesung will replace him on sukira for the next few days (yay, more Yesung ^^)

Get well soon, Eunhyuk! (And don’t you watch any of your yadong now.. you don’t want to hurt you right arm more! XD LOL)

Eunhyuk Hwaiting!

Caps HERE and HERE. SJ-Market



  1. pagelurker said,

    i hope that he gets well soon..
    who could be the person on the phone?..hmmm

    ~(And don’t you watch any of your yadong now.. you don’t want to hurt you right arm more! XD LOL)~ wahahaha this cracked me up. =D

  2. cholalola16 said,

    aww poor hyukkie. get better soon. ok .
    as for the person on the phone, i think it’s kangin.
    only cause i just finished a kangteuk fic like 30 seconds ago.

    and here is my sister’s reaction to :(And don’t you watch any of your yadong now.. you don’t want to hurt you right arm more! XD LOL)
    K:what does she mean hurt your hand more. how could he possibly…..
    a few minutes later she comes back……
    K:*0*HOMG i just got it.
    and she just stayed like that.
    L:you okay, katie??
    so thanks for making me laugh.

  3. queensagara said,

    pagelurker: Haha, it cracked me up too, when I re-read my post XD Glad you liked it ^.^

    cholalola16: Oh, a KangTeuk fanfic? Can I read it? 8DD

    Hahaha, your sister is funny xD I’m glad she figured it out, even if it took her awhile ;3

  4. widjalezho said,

    Hi,may I noe how do you actually watch sukira live??
    I can only listen to them thru podcast but its not live too..

  5. queensagara said,


    You can read the tutorial over at soompi: HERE.

    Hope that helped you :)

  6. joanne said,

    hahah this is two years late.. but if you guys watched the recent episode of happy birthday that eunhyuk was on..
    i think this must be the episode he talked about, where he hurt his wrist by hitting a wall, after he got angry about his girlfriend cheating on him.. :P

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