Kangin as special MC on Inkigayo [080323]

March 23, 2008 at 1:59 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

[Credits to smsugi07 @ Youtube]

As you all may know Heechul is hospitalized right now, so Kangin was the MC on tonight’s Inkigayo. ^^;

(For all of you who might not know this yet, Heechul is in the hospital because he hurt his nose in the dorm. He has just gotten a lasik surgery and his vision wasn’t fully recovered, so he fell and I think he bumped his nose in a door or something. So the doctors want to keep him in the hospital for a week or so.)

Wah, me like Kangin’s red t-shirt :> And is that dogs they are holding? At first I thought it was cows or something XD
Anyway, he seemed to be doing just fine as an MC, after all he was an MC with Leeteuk for some time X3 I’m still searching for more MC cuts, I’ll update this post if I find any! :)

I would post some caps here, but sj-market seems to be down? Or is it just my computer that is screwed up? =_= *kicks computer*


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  1. sogs said,

    yah mines too it doesn’t com (sj-market)……i thought it was only mines thats not working….. so have fun and take care..


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