Ivy Club – Spring/Summer Collection [Pics]

March 25, 2008 at 10:12 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, )


Here are all the new Ivy Club pics, and I think you can guess the theme from the picture above? xD

Yes, it’s pirates and Indians! :D I LOVE the individual pictures and especially the ones of Hankyung and Rella ^.^ I don’t think we’ve ever seen such hot pirates since we saw Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean! XD

I’ve uploaded them all in zip files, you can find them here:
Individual Shots [MU][2,49MB]
Group Shots [MU][7,14MB]

Credits: Ivy Club’s website & me for re-uploading



  1. sogs said,


    in this generation pirates have brought a new look…. see the dress combination_^……its awwsom…..hehe_-

  2. Aleex said,

    alltså de är så as snygga på de bilderna ;__; <333

  3. Jenny Park said,

    for some reason its not working..
    is there another way tht i can download it???

  4. queensagara said,

    Jenny Park: I’ve updated the files, the links should be okay now! If not, then send an other comment and I’ll upload them again ^^

  5. tinateukbum said,

    I tried the DL links & they didnt work either :[
    could u photobucket them ?

  6. queensagara said,

    tinateukbum: I’m really sorry about those stupid links. I’ve uploaded them on MU now, so it should be fine ^^;

  7. kanginGF418 said,

    it’s not working…:[

    can you just send them to me…? or is that too much work?

    PLEASE SEND YOUR REPLY TO MY EMAIL: kanginGF418@gmail.com

  8. RadEchiZen said,

    waht is IVY club actually? Is it a school clothes brand??

    send reply to my email will you? thx

  9. nadanera said,


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