Sukira Kiss the Radio [080326]

March 26, 2008 at 10:49 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Hi beautiful! *__* <3 I’m in love with Eunhyuk’s shirt! XD (Ok, I’m in love with Hyuk :3) He always has such nice clothes ._. (YES, I’m jealous ;-;) And on one of the pictures you can see that someone wrote “babo” on his cast :D Who could that clever person be? x’3

Buut anyway, Yesung was there today with his black cap as usual. He must really like that cap, huh? :P We’ve seen him wear it soo many times, especially on Sukira 8D Come on, get a new cap! XD

More fantaken pics can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

(YAY, SJ-Market is baack! :D)


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  1. Andi said,

    Hehe u can buy that shirt from!

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