Happy Birthday, Lee Hyukjae! ♥

April 3, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Happy Birthday, Eunhyuk!
860404 – 080404

It’s now April 4th in Korea, so our little monkey boy has turned 23 already!

Hyukjae, I hope you get to spend your special day with everyone you love.
Remember that we, ELF, will always love you and support you.
Please stay healthy and be careful!
And let us always see that beautiful smile of yours.



And since Hyuk is my favourite SuJu boy, I’ve put more time into his birthday post than I’ve ever done before 8D
It wasn’t too hard to find memorable videos with monkey, I wish I could post them all.. but then you would just get tired of me, so I’m not going to ^^;;

EunHae and the strawberry milk on Sukira [070507]
AW, soo cute! ^^ I love how Hae always drinks it whenever Hyuk drinks it (indirect kiss! *dies*) And something else that killed me is when Fishy puts his head on Eunhyuk’s arm for a brief second @ 00.24! o_o God, I love those two together 8D
Watch more of the “strawberry milk cuts” here: part1, part3.

M!Countdown Parody – Eunhyuk rolling in a blanket [071206]
This is like the cutest parody he has ever done on M!Countdown (the ONLY cute parody maybe? xD) The best part is definitely @ 00.24, when he has just rolled himself in the blanket and smiles one of the sweetest smiles ever! ^_____^ *pinches cheeks*

When EunHae was born [Adonis Camp]
I can’t get enough of the EunHae abuse in this video! XD It’s pure love

Eunhyuk dancing on M!Countdown [079816]
Well, we already knew that he’s an amazing dancer and this performance is no exception! :D .. (but it bugs me so much that he dances with that girl D: *jealous*)  That outfit Hyuk is wearing is HOT 8D It kinda reminds me of the one he and Fishy wore during their little performance with Donghee and Leeteuk on SBS Chuseok Special :’D(ok, maybe it’s just the hat but w/e X’P)

Eunhyuk falls off chair
This video always makes me smile from ear to ear ^__^ And I love how the first seven seconds are of Hyuk in the chair and him falling off, while the rest of the video is just Kangin laughing like crazy at him! XD (I love his laugh btw :’D)



  1. irapehellokitty said,

    happy birthday eunhyuk. <3 i hope he has the best day of his life :3
    aws, love hyukie. <3

  2. Tina said,

    What do Hyukjae really mean to you?
    To me his the greatest guy you ever can have. His kind, good looking and i think he will love someone with all his heart. He look like a person that will love someone and will never let her go.. but thats what i think xD
    The best with Hyukjae is that he have suth a great peronality. He never gets angry…Or i havent seen it yet. I think im in love with Hyukjae, and i think every other is that to..hes a great guy..He makes you happy when you look at him, i will never be bored of him..
    And today is his birthday…I really hope he have a really good day…i hope he know that i wish he luck to…But thats not soo mutch imposseble…^^
    He will always make me smile and i hope that he knows that we, ELF, will always be here for him and Super Junior all the time and sapport them what ever happends..

    Happy Birthday Hyukjae Oppa!!<3 :)

  3. queensagara said,

    Tina: What Hyukjae really means to me? All I can say is that he is my everything <3 ^^ My birthday is coming up this Sunday, but I’m actually more excited over Hyuk’s birthday, than I am over mine :’3
    AW, that was so sweet! ^^

  4. beckery said,

    *Waves* Hello there!! I see your a Hyuk fan too..I absolutely adore and LOVE this guy, no words can describe how much he means to me..He can always bring a smile to my face with his dorkiness XXDDD And by any chance, are you a EUNHAE fan too?!?! Cuz i am!! My fav suju pairing <3<3<3

  5. queensagara said,

    beckery: Hi there! ^^ Yes, I am :)
    Haha, yeah same here! He’s so wonderful and dorky and cute and funny and .. well, I could go on forever XD
    YES, I loove EunHae! :D They’re so cute together :’3 They’re my favourite SuJu pairing too <3 ^^

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