Monologue with Donghae – Dear Father [030408]

April 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, )

[Credits to ManiwhoamI @ Youtube]

MAN, I’m crying like a baby! T____T Hae is so sweet, you can tell that he’s speaking straight from his heart and that it’s genuine.

I can’t really relate to what he’s feeling, since I have never lost a loved one, but I can totally feel his pain.. he must miss him so much T_T *wipes off the big puddle of tears on desk*




  1. kpoplover4ever said,

    *teary eyes* awww… sad…..

    did they put the wrong date? oct.8 ?

    maybe just me…….

    he is such a sweetheart…surely his dad would be proud of him!

  2. L_kumi said,

    Don’t cry Donghae oppa.

    U r such a good son. I believe ur dad is watching for u.

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