SHINee – Replay [MV]

May 22, 2008 at 2:50 pm (Korea, SHINee) (, , )

[Credits to Mrsleehom @ Youtube]

ZOMG, I love the song! *____* And the boys are so young, seriously! Taemin is frickin’ 14 years old! o_o *feels old* But he sure is cute :> And they all dance so.. AWESOME! The dance was like breathtaking ♥ gsasdfdkfg!! *dead* SM did a wonderful job, once again! (though I’m starting to feel a similarity to JE XD)

But anyhow, this group seems promising! I’m looking forward to their future performances and releases :D



  1. Aleex said,

    alltså tack äntligen någon som gillade deras dans !! ;__; :D alltså fedt söta key alltså. <3
    taemin är typ yngre än mig också ! men den låten är så bra, x3 chill låt fer sure!

  2. yer said,

    anyone knows how to do the dance and show steps?

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