F.T Island – Soyogi [MV]

May 24, 2008 at 4:04 pm (FT Island, Korea) (, , )

[Credits to cherriya @ Youtube]

We haven’t heard much from these guys lately, since they have mostly been studying in Japan. But they have finally released their very first Japanese music video *___*

OMG, this song is awesome! Their Japanese is not the best, but it’s acceptable for beginners, like they are! :3 And WOW, Hongki is so beautiful o___o I was like gdasfdsgf *melts into a puddle*”when I first saw him in the MV T____T  His har is to die for.. like always X3 He and Wonbin sounds amazing, I’m really impressed by Wonbin especially. His voice is so.. gadfdsBut I hate what Jaejin is wearing o__o It just doesn’t seem to fit in this video? Or am I just crazy? o_O

Anyway. if they don’t become a big success in Japan, then.. I’ll shave of my hair and tattoo in a moustache on my face O_O  (which basically means that they are going to be a big hit over there XD)


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