Star King Ep. 69 [080531][Eunhyuk]

June 1, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Korea, star king, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to iaudreyy @ Youtube, PART2, PART3, PART4, PART5, PART6, PART7, PART8]

OMG, I think I have watched about five or six episodes of Star King today, so I would catch up with the rest of you! T_____T  *tired* But finally I’m done and ready to post yesterday’s episode :D

Only Eunhyuk this week again (Aw, I really wanted to see Leeteuk’s new hair other than on Sukira ;-;), he doesn’t get as much screen time as I would like for him to get, but any screen time is good screen time, right? XDD LOL, so anyway!
Hodong introduces him and he knocks over MC Mong or something (XD), as he moves in to CUTIE MODE with Tic! Toc! playing in the background. *____* Seriously Hyukjae, marry me!! O___O 8D


They move on to the first contestant and somewhere here you can see that Eunhyuk has changed shirt AND is sitting in an other seat! =___= Haha, they really should stop doing that! Do they really think that we won’t notice?! XD And later, when the second contestant comes out, Hyuk is back in his old seat, behind MC Mong, with the shirt he had on during the introduction part… -___-

But hey, that second contestant is really cool! He can break bottles with his head o______o That has GOT to hurt x__x (but how IN THE WORLD do you come up with such an idea? XDD)

Okay moving on~! Next they try to break an egg on Eunhyuk’s muscles.. and I died! T___T They boy has got muscles *___*  <3 But they didn’t work so well as egg breakers XD They also tried this on Hodong’s leg muscles (OMG, he actually has muscles!! O_O) but even that wouldn’t work :P

LOL, Hyuk is so cute during the rock-paper-scissors competition ^0^ He is messing around with the contestant and almost wins against him.. twice! ;D Haha, he was so adorable the last time he lost! He went down on his knees and looked up on the other guy, as he walked by XD He was like “No way? I lost?! How? T___T *sob* ”  Dork! 8D

 Nothing really interesting happens in the end, the drummer kid wins again and I suppose he chose to come back again next week and compete again? Anyway, this episode was really great! 8D (and now I’m back to backlogging SJ-Market again T_____T) XD

Some lovely caps HERE and HERE plus some gifs HERE. SJ-Market




  1. BOBOxx said,

    Could you please sub this!!!! I really want to see it!!!! Thank You!!!!!

  2. queensagara said,

    BOBOxx: I’m not a subber~ ^^; But if you really want to see it, it might be uploaded on Youtube some time soon. There are lots of friendly subbers out there, ready to sub the Star King episodes :)

    Or try to find an English subbing team on ClubBox ;D

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