Dream Concert Update: Super Junior Arriving

June 7, 2008 at 11:05 am (Dream Concert, Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Super Junior

Yep, it’s finally D-Day! And Super Junior just arrived at the redcarpet, all dressed in black~! So far I haven’t seen Siwon…? O___O SIWON, WHERE ARE YOU? >.< Super Junior isn’t complete with only 12 T____T

But on the bright side, I haven’t seen Zhoumi or Henry either ^___^

Anyway, they look awesome in their outfits! *__* And oh, I’m loving Jungsoo’s black hair. gdsadfggh
Seems like Heechul cut his hair a bit? T_T Noo, I want his long hair~ D:
Keke, Shindong still has his “poo hair” XDD Okay, I’m gonna quit rambling now! I’ll be back when there’s something new~ ^^



So he won’t be coming to the concert DDD: They will only perform with 12 members T_T I hope he will recover soon~!

NOW, let’s just be happy for our 12 boys, they need all the support they can get ^__^

I will keep editing this post with pictures~

Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior*
Super Junior

Super Junior

Teuk Chul

Credits: Daum, SJ-Market, Soompi + as tagged



  1. Leelath said,

    Really nice pics! I wish they would perform somewhere in Europe ^_^
    Which will probably never happen T_T
    Let’s hope the concert DVD will be released soon !

  2. Lee said,

    ^ SuJu in Europe, what a dream *w*

    I hate ShinDong’s hair like that, wtf he doesn’t deserve it Dx

  3. queensagara said,

    Leelath: Me too, that would be so awesome *____*
    Actually, according to a friend of mine, the DVD will probably be released in July~ :D

    Lee: Hahaha, I actually like his poo hair XDD It’s cute 8D But he has had better hair styles than that in the past X3

  4. nathalie said,

    Hankyung, Kibim och Siwon är mina loves… :)
    Heechul är rätt så nice han med. Personlighetsvis.

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