Super Junior H – Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) MV

June 10, 2008 at 2:11 pm (Korea, Super Junior, Super Junior Happy) (, , , )

[Credits to everlastingfriends @ Youtube]

Yeees~! The MV for Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) is finally out! :D And as expected it is cracktastic and just so random! XD I love the song, I have been playing it on repeat ever since I first heard it. I haven’t heard the other songs from the mini album though! o_o I’m trying not to, until I get my copy of it in the mail X3 Anyways, back to the MV!

I seriously think that the key point in this video is “random” XD Everything is really random and just.. weird :D LOL @ Teukie eating in the beginning (but those lips *____* -dead-)

And Sunny is soo cute! O___O <3 (LOL, they always seem to use the SNSD girls in SuJu’s videos XD) But OMG, she is extremely gorgeous! I was like “*____________*” when I first saw her in the video~ X3 The boys look extremely cute as well! Kangin’s hair is gldksdkdff! o_o And Shindong’s poo hair is cuuute~ XD
The dance.. what can I say? It’s dorky and cute, just like the song (and the boys XD). I think I’m gonna try to learn some of the dance, it looks like so much fun 8D

Super Junior H

Shindong and Eunhyuk’s rap is pure crack! XD Again, it’s really adorable just like everything else XD
GDHSGJDSJGFF @ Kangin on the toilet! WTF?! XD Raaaandom~ X’D Just like Leeteuk is in that wig!! HAHA, that was the best part in the whole video~ X3 So weird :P At the end he says Who are you?”, which is a parody of “Oldboy“, where the main character said the same thing when his captor served him mandoo everyday for like 15 years (Thanks 13Damifino @ Soompi for explaining that~)

The wig~! Cracks me up everytime XD

GOD, this video is really cute! I’m watching it over and over again X3

Of course I bring you caps and gifs! HERE, HERE and HERE. Oh, and also some HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE XD. SJ-Market



  1. Big Bang Girl said,

    Ah thank you for the pics, I love them

    Haha the mv is funny

  2. eternal said,

    Happy Birthday Leeteuk!!!!

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