Pajama Party @ Music Bank 080808

August 8, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

[Credits to SapphireJunior08 @ Youtube]

No Yesung you guys! According to 13!La’MISS:fairy@ Soompi he fell off the stage during rehearsal, from 1.5m height. He was brought to the hospital but we don’t know anything about his condition right now. He is said to have complained about his head, neck and waist. Let’s just hope that it’s nothing too serious and that he’ll be back to Happy’s activities soon~ T______T Jongwoon HWAITING!

([edit] Yesung apparently only has minor injuries and Super Junior activities will continue. YAY! ^_^ Thanks Gaia once again~)

Back to the performance! CUTE as usual :’3 Notice the Korean flag that Eunhyuk is holding XD Could it be because of the Olympic Games that are starting at this very moment? X3 Dork

And the dance! It makes me spazz every time, it’s unbelievably adorable 8D As well as their outfits (I seriously want Sungmin’s outfit with the dog attached to it X’D)


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