Pajama Party Parody [by snape_freaks]

August 10, 2008 at 4:02 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to KiSung85 @ Youtube]

OMG, how does she come up with these things? XD All of her parody videos are pure crack, and this one is no exception! 

Starting of with a bet between Hyuk and Junsu, where Hyuk has to prove that they are not gay with this song.. OK, not the best choice of song, now is it? XD And we get to hear about Yesung’s techniques in bed;

“I’ll do things to you that would shock your mom, when I put on my PAJAMA”
(actually I wouldn’t mind that at all 8D)

Continuing on with some KangTeuk;

“I’m still not sure whether Leeteuk is straight or not. I need to know. So I’ll sex him up backstage”
(… uhm, I honestly wouldn’t mind that either! 8D)

And Shindong says he has more testosterone in his left nut, than Junsu does in his entire body. XDD Haha, that part cracked me up :’D

Then Kangin apparently has done what he said he would do with Leeteuk but without any results;

“I’ll have to sex Teukie up every day to see if he likes it or not
… (OK, I still don’t mind that! 8D)

Finally Junsu seems to have lost the bet (uuh.. HOW?! XD) and of course he gets a punishment;

“Now you have to blow me”
…. HyukSu -nosebleed- *_* 

AH, I love this video and I love it even more with this parody! XD *watches it again*

Remember to subscribe to KiSung85’s (snape_freak) videos and check out her other parodies. This girl is awesome! ^__^


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