Super Junior – 1st Asia Tour Super Show DVD – Pre-order now!

September 19, 2008 at 1:16 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


[DVDHeaven] (2disc + Photo book) – USD30.585
[DVDHeaven] (2disc + Photo book) + Poster – USD 47.045

Detail Features

  • Release date: Oct. 1, 2008
  • Region Code : Region All
  • Subtitle : Korean, Japanese, Chinese
  • Grade : All
  • More Features :

Concert Date : 2008.02.22~24
Disc 1: CONCERT Part 1
Disc 2: CONCERT Part 2 / Bonus – MAKING FILM

Guys, BIG NEWS! You can finally pre-order the Super Show Concert DVD!! *dead* OMGOMGJASHFHGKFSDFSAADJG! I’ve been waiting for this for soo long, and now it’s finally happening! And you get a photo book as well? AWESOME! I’m ordering this right now! *____*



  1. sujufan said,

    do the DVD has an English subtitle on it? or none only Korean, Japanese & Chinese?

  2. queensagara said,

    sujufan: No, according to DVDHeaven it only has Korean, Japanese and Chinese subtitles. ;) But there might come out a different version later with English subtitles as well, but that might take a while.

  3. alisongys said,

    Is this DVD can let us to watch the whole Super Show concert?

  4. alisongys said,

    Where can i buy this DVD when this album is released?

  5. suju addicted said,

    is the english subtitle will occur fr sure althoug it will take a while?

    please reply to my email. thanks

  6. SUJUU!!! said,

    OMG it comes out :D:D:D
    is it for a limited time or are there limited numbers that can be ordered??

  7. syuhey said,

    eng subs please 4 da album..plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. emoboy said,

    Hi, i’ve got pictures of my new emo hair style

  9. KUKU said,

    Hİ AM KUKU.AM LİKE SUJU.AM 15 YRS OLD.AM GİRL.AM FROM TURKEY…! am like japan,korea,malaysia,thailand,philipines,t….! my e-mail:::::)

  10. Nhi said,

    Uhm, will an English version ever come out?

    No matter how much I love them- I don’t money to throw around so I don’t want to buy two copies but I REALLY want it.

    Lol. I’m learning Japanese but I’m not that fluent yet so please answer. ^^

    I’d wait for however long if they’re coming out with an english subbed version later. Ah, it’s so hard not understanding Korean. Suju makes me want to be/know Korean and Eunhyukkie makes me want to live in Korea and be 7 years older. Hahha.

    Anyways, reply please! Thanks. :DD

  11. Nhi said,

    Ah crap. Do you not get a photobook if you don’t pre order? D:

  12. mnm 22 said,

    is there english subs?? please if anyone knows email me back/

  13. ETHAN said,

    Hi, I’m Ethan from Korea
    I’ve just watched your dancing at Youtube.
    Actually, I was going to search ‘Soran Bushi parapara’ and I found your movie-clip.
    That was really awesome !!
    Above all, I think you are really crazied in K-pop. right?
    That is really glad for me as a Korean.
    Also, I expect your next movie, maybe nobody or so hot, right? kk
    Anyway I’m glad to meet you, I’ll be here next time.

    p.s) if you need mp3 files or other contents of the k-pop, you can ask me. I can send you. : – ) Bye ! See ya

  14. ETHAN said,

    Ohhh, ref. my e-mail address is ‘’

  15. Peiying said,


    Do you know if Dvdheaven sends both the photobook and DVD together? Haha, i’ve ordered the DVD + Photobook and on their package tracking system, they only list one package that has been sent to me (by the way, i’ve received the dvd) hahha yup.

    Just a little worried so checking with you (:

  16. Blake said,

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