Pajama Party Parody [by snape_freaks]

August 10, 2008 at 4:02 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to KiSung85 @ Youtube]

OMG, how does she come up with these things? XD All of her parody videos are pure crack, and this one is no exception! 

Starting of with a bet between Hyuk and Junsu, where Hyuk has to prove that they are not gay with this song.. OK, not the best choice of song, now is it? XD And we get to hear about Yesung’s techniques in bed;

“I’ll do things to you that would shock your mom, when I put on my PAJAMA”
(actually I wouldn’t mind that at all 8D)

Continuing on with some KangTeuk;

“I’m still not sure whether Leeteuk is straight or not. I need to know. So I’ll sex him up backstage”
(… uhm, I honestly wouldn’t mind that either! 8D)

And Shindong says he has more testosterone in his left nut, than Junsu does in his entire body. XDD Haha, that part cracked me up :’D

Then Kangin apparently has done what he said he would do with Leeteuk but without any results;

“I’ll have to sex Teukie up every day to see if he likes it or not
… (OK, I still don’t mind that! 8D)

Finally Junsu seems to have lost the bet (uuh.. HOW?! XD) and of course he gets a punishment;

“Now you have to blow me”
…. HyukSu -nosebleed- *_* 

AH, I love this video and I love it even more with this parody! XD *watches it again*

Remember to subscribe to KiSung85’s (snape_freak) videos and check out her other parodies. This girl is awesome! ^__^


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Eunhyuk endorsement pictures

August 9, 2008 at 9:27 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )

An endorsement pic for Skono Shoes. I just LOVE the fact that they wear Skono shoes, since Skono is a Norwegian brand (=neighbouring country to Sweden, where I live)8D It’s a bit geeky but hey, it’s something, right? XD
GIVE ME HIS PJ, like.. NOW!! *____* It is so darn cute TT____TT <3

hm.. if I were to do a macro out of this picture, I know just what to write: SHOES. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!! Actually.. I think I just might do it..


Yes, don’t you just love my humour? :D

OK back to the endorsing here. Here’s an other picture taken backstage at Star King.


Don’t you just wanna take him home with you and keep him forever? :’3 *secretly hugs screen*

Credits: SJ-Market, roflbot

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Pajama Party @ Music Bank 080808

August 8, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

[Credits to SapphireJunior08 @ Youtube]

No Yesung you guys! According to 13!La’MISS:fairy@ Soompi he fell off the stage during rehearsal, from 1.5m height. He was brought to the hospital but we don’t know anything about his condition right now. He is said to have complained about his head, neck and waist. Let’s just hope that it’s nothing too serious and that he’ll be back to Happy’s activities soon~ T______T Jongwoon HWAITING!

([edit] Yesung apparently only has minor injuries and Super Junior activities will continue. YAY! ^_^ Thanks Gaia once again~)

Back to the performance! CUTE as usual :’3 Notice the Korean flag that Eunhyuk is holding XD Could it be because of the Olympic Games that are starting at this very moment? X3 Dork

And the dance! It makes me spazz every time, it’s unbelievably adorable 8D As well as their outfits (I seriously want Sungmin’s outfit with the dog attached to it X’D)

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Hankyung Olympic Torch Bearer [YT]

August 7, 2008 at 11:35 am (china, Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to fatheather @ Youtube]

Finally Hankyung! Even though you only ran 50m, waving at people while protests where being held right beside you, we are really proud of you! He smiled the whole time ^-^ And the guy who gave him the fire, lifted him up in excitement XD (Well, if I had the strength to lift up a fully grown man like that, I would do the exact same thing 8DD)

I’m not an expert in Chinese but those commentators said something about Super Junior (which basically was the only words I understood XD *fail*)

Anyway, we are all very proud of you Chinaman!

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Happy Birthday, Kim Ryeowook! ♥

June 21, 2008 at 9:36 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )


June 21st is here and our magnae Ryeowook has finally turned 21.

Happy birthday, Wook!
I hope you will spend this special day
with your fellow members and your family.
Stay healthy and always stay cute~! ^_^
We love you, Ryeowook!



These are just SOME of my favourite pics, I wish I could post all of my faves instead! T_T

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Moving on to videos, there are so many great videos out there with Wook~! Here are just some of them:

Singing Honesty on Super Junior Show
Anyone who has ever entered “Ryeowook” as the search word on Youtube must have seen this.. OH MY GOD! His voice is GFJGDLGLFF! T_____T And DAMN, his English is really good~ O_O

Playing Mario Bros on piano on Sukira
PUAHAHAHA! So cuute~! XD Why in the world did he take the time to learn that?! XDD Gaah, you always seem to amaze me, Wook! ^^

Yesung and Ryeowook getting electrical shocks through muscles on EHB
One of my favourite episodes of EHB, by far! XD I love Ryeowook’s “Woooo~” everytime his arm goes up. And that little monkey boy, always trying to be funny~ XDD (@ ~00:59)

Ryeowook and Sungmin passing air on EHB
Who can forget this wonderful episode of EHB? O________O I know I can’t!! GDDDGKDFUU  -dead-

Being naugthy on Music Bank [Fancam]
Ahahaha, he’s so cute! Putting the confetti in his hyungs’ hair~ XD I bet Eunhyuk didn’t even notice it was him 8DD

Credits to uploaders and as tagged on pics.

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Sukira Kiss the Radio [080610]

June 10, 2008 at 5:17 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to miiloverx2 @ Youtube]

After what feels like an eternity I have decided to do an other Sukira post~ :D (just because they looked gorgeous tonight T____T <3)

In the video they are doing a new game where they call people and they have to say the show’s name. I wonder if they win anything if they get it right..? o_O
It’s quite fun how leader is like “KISS… KISS?.. KISS!!?” when the first woman can’t remember the rest of the name~ XDD

As I’ve already said, they both look great *___* Especially leader, with his hat and the tie 83


As usual SJ-Market has lots and lots of caps us; HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Super Junior H – Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) MV

June 10, 2008 at 2:11 pm (Korea, Super Junior, Super Junior Happy) (, , , )

[Credits to everlastingfriends @ Youtube]

Yeees~! The MV for Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) is finally out! :D And as expected it is cracktastic and just so random! XD I love the song, I have been playing it on repeat ever since I first heard it. I haven’t heard the other songs from the mini album though! o_o I’m trying not to, until I get my copy of it in the mail X3 Anyways, back to the MV!

I seriously think that the key point in this video is “random” XD Everything is really random and just.. weird :D LOL @ Teukie eating in the beginning (but those lips *____* -dead-)

And Sunny is soo cute! O___O <3 (LOL, they always seem to use the SNSD girls in SuJu’s videos XD) But OMG, she is extremely gorgeous! I was like “*____________*” when I first saw her in the video~ X3 The boys look extremely cute as well! Kangin’s hair is gldksdkdff! o_o And Shindong’s poo hair is cuuute~ XD
The dance.. what can I say? It’s dorky and cute, just like the song (and the boys XD). I think I’m gonna try to learn some of the dance, it looks like so much fun 8D

Super Junior H

Shindong and Eunhyuk’s rap is pure crack! XD Again, it’s really adorable just like everything else XD
GDHSGJDSJGFF @ Kangin on the toilet! WTF?! XD Raaaandom~ X’D Just like Leeteuk is in that wig!! HAHA, that was the best part in the whole video~ X3 So weird :P At the end he says Who are you?”, which is a parody of “Oldboy“, where the main character said the same thing when his captor served him mandoo everyday for like 15 years (Thanks 13Damifino @ Soompi for explaining that~)

The wig~! Cracks me up everytime XD

GOD, this video is really cute! I’m watching it over and over again X3

Of course I bring you caps and gifs! HERE, HERE and HERE. Oh, and also some HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE XD. SJ-Market

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Dream Concert Update: Super Junior Arriving

June 7, 2008 at 11:05 am (Dream Concert, Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Super Junior

Yep, it’s finally D-Day! And Super Junior just arrived at the redcarpet, all dressed in black~! So far I haven’t seen Siwon…? O___O SIWON, WHERE ARE YOU? >.< Super Junior isn’t complete with only 12 T____T

But on the bright side, I haven’t seen Zhoumi or Henry either ^___^

Anyway, they look awesome in their outfits! *__* And oh, I’m loving Jungsoo’s black hair. gdsadfggh
Seems like Heechul cut his hair a bit? T_T Noo, I want his long hair~ D:
Keke, Shindong still has his “poo hair” XDD Okay, I’m gonna quit rambling now! I’ll be back when there’s something new~ ^^



So he won’t be coming to the concert DDD: They will only perform with 12 members T_T I hope he will recover soon~!

NOW, let’s just be happy for our 12 boys, they need all the support they can get ^__^

I will keep editing this post with pictures~

Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior
Super Junior*
Super Junior

Super Junior

Teuk Chul

Credits: Daum, SJ-Market, Soompi + as tagged

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Star King Ep. 69 [080531][Eunhyuk]

June 1, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Korea, star king, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to iaudreyy @ Youtube, PART2, PART3, PART4, PART5, PART6, PART7, PART8]

OMG, I think I have watched about five or six episodes of Star King today, so I would catch up with the rest of you! T_____T  *tired* But finally I’m done and ready to post yesterday’s episode :D

Only Eunhyuk this week again (Aw, I really wanted to see Leeteuk’s new hair other than on Sukira ;-;), he doesn’t get as much screen time as I would like for him to get, but any screen time is good screen time, right? XDD LOL, so anyway!
Hodong introduces him and he knocks over MC Mong or something (XD), as he moves in to CUTIE MODE with Tic! Toc! playing in the background. *____* Seriously Hyukjae, marry me!! O___O 8D


They move on to the first contestant and somewhere here you can see that Eunhyuk has changed shirt AND is sitting in an other seat! =___= Haha, they really should stop doing that! Do they really think that we won’t notice?! XD And later, when the second contestant comes out, Hyuk is back in his old seat, behind MC Mong, with the shirt he had on during the introduction part… -___-

But hey, that second contestant is really cool! He can break bottles with his head o______o That has GOT to hurt x__x (but how IN THE WORLD do you come up with such an idea? XDD)

Okay moving on~! Next they try to break an egg on Eunhyuk’s muscles.. and I died! T___T They boy has got muscles *___*  <3 But they didn’t work so well as egg breakers XD They also tried this on Hodong’s leg muscles (OMG, he actually has muscles!! O_O) but even that wouldn’t work :P

LOL, Hyuk is so cute during the rock-paper-scissors competition ^0^ He is messing around with the contestant and almost wins against him.. twice! ;D Haha, he was so adorable the last time he lost! He went down on his knees and looked up on the other guy, as he walked by XD He was like “No way? I lost?! How? T___T *sob* ”  Dork! 8D

 Nothing really interesting happens in the end, the drummer kid wins again and I suppose he chose to come back again next week and compete again? Anyway, this episode was really great! 8D (and now I’m back to backlogging SJ-Market again T_____T) XD

Some lovely caps HERE and HERE plus some gifs HERE. SJ-Market


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F.T Island – Soyogi [MV]

May 24, 2008 at 4:04 pm (FT Island, Korea) (, , )

[Credits to cherriya @ Youtube]

We haven’t heard much from these guys lately, since they have mostly been studying in Japan. But they have finally released their very first Japanese music video *___*

OMG, this song is awesome! Their Japanese is not the best, but it’s acceptable for beginners, like they are! :3 And WOW, Hongki is so beautiful o___o I was like gdasfdsgf *melts into a puddle*”when I first saw him in the MV T____T  His har is to die for.. like always X3 He and Wonbin sounds amazing, I’m really impressed by Wonbin especially. His voice is so.. gadfdsBut I hate what Jaejin is wearing o__o It just doesn’t seem to fit in this video? Or am I just crazy? o_O

Anyway. if they don’t become a big success in Japan, then.. I’ll shave of my hair and tattoo in a moustache on my face O_O  (which basically means that they are going to be a big hit over there XD)

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