ETN ENU – Pajama Party MV [making of][080814]

August 14, 2008 at 6:32 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market (Daum TV) right now, but I will edit this post when it is up on Youtube]

Like before, many things we have already seen like Shindong dancing tecktonic during the interview, and Sungmin and Leader talking about being MC X3

But some things are new, like Hyuk imitating Keroro! XDD <3 OMG, I love that man~! XD “Annyeong! Neun Keroro ya~” :’3


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Pajama Party @ M!Countdown 080814

August 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to 13sapphireangels @ Youtube]

HELLO YESUNG! :D It’s good to see him back on stage after his little injury~ ^^

uhm.. LOL at the music stopping for a brief moment during Sungmin’s part? XD His expression is soo cute, he is like “Imi woori suhro FEEL… *stares* -music starts- ..tonghaeddaneun *looks confused*” :’D

And LOL at Yesung’s shaved armpits as well! 8D They look so smooth~ :’3

Have I mentioned that the dance is PURE LOVE? XD (yes, probably like 5846395 times already) I’ve learned the whole choreography now, it’s so much fun *-* <3

You can find some nice caps HERE and HERE (and a CB link). SJ-Market

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YTN STAR – Pajama Party [making of][080812]

August 12, 2008 at 8:42 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube]

An other version of the making of~ :D They used many of the scenes we could see in the Mnet one, but there were some interviews and stuff that were new X3 Like the one in the beginning, with Sungmin. Now, how cute isn’t that boy? He doesn’t even have to do anything special to look cute :’3 (what’s his secret? D:)

And Eunhyuk’s shimmy~ I die everytime I see it!! XD Plus that hair, OMG! X3 He really looks like an 8-year-old kid when he is sitting on that bed @ around 02:24 :’D -biased-

I wants moar making of! D:

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Mnet Wide News – Pajama Party MV [making of][080811]

August 11, 2008 at 11:43 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market right now (together with Mnet Wide News talking about Yesung falling off the stage), but I will update this post when it is uploaded to Youtube]

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube, PART2]

YAY, I’ve been waiting for the making of for Pajama Party!! *__* I LOL:ed when Shindong came out with his hair all done, looking like an ajumma or something XD And talking like one too. OH, Dongdong you’re so cute! X3

And I’m sorry, but I hate those girls in the video! X’D So much skinship, especially when they run around in a circle trying to hide from the monster outside. But the pillow fight looks like so much fun *_* And kinda tiring? XD Notice Eunhyuk’s laugh after the pillow fight scene; he sounds like Goofy! 8D <3

Shindong changing he dance called TeckTonic to TeckComic, lol! XD And HyukMin playing around during the interview @ ~03:51 and forward :’D GAH, so cute :3


HyukMin goofing around during interview

HyukMin goofing around during interview

I hope there will be more making-of videos from Pajama Party. This was NOT enough! XD

You can find more caps and gifs HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Eunhyuk endorsement pictures

August 9, 2008 at 9:27 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )

An endorsement pic for Skono Shoes. I just LOVE the fact that they wear Skono shoes, since Skono is a Norwegian brand (=neighbouring country to Sweden, where I live)8D It’s a bit geeky but hey, it’s something, right? XD
GIVE ME HIS PJ, like.. NOW!! *____* It is so darn cute TT____TT <3

hm.. if I were to do a macro out of this picture, I know just what to write: SHOES. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!! Actually.. I think I just might do it..


Yes, don’t you just love my humour? :D

OK back to the endorsing here. Here’s an other picture taken backstage at Star King.


Don’t you just wanna take him home with you and keep him forever? :’3 *secretly hugs screen*

Credits: SJ-Market, roflbot

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Sukira Kiss the Radio [080610]

June 10, 2008 at 5:17 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to miiloverx2 @ Youtube]

After what feels like an eternity I have decided to do an other Sukira post~ :D (just because they looked gorgeous tonight T____T <3)

In the video they are doing a new game where they call people and they have to say the show’s name. I wonder if they win anything if they get it right..? o_O
It’s quite fun how leader is like “KISS… KISS?.. KISS!!?” when the first woman can’t remember the rest of the name~ XDD

As I’ve already said, they both look great *___* Especially leader, with his hat and the tie 83


As usual SJ-Market has lots and lots of caps us; HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Star King Ep. 69 [080531][Eunhyuk]

June 1, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Korea, star king, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to iaudreyy @ Youtube, PART2, PART3, PART4, PART5, PART6, PART7, PART8]

OMG, I think I have watched about five or six episodes of Star King today, so I would catch up with the rest of you! T_____T  *tired* But finally I’m done and ready to post yesterday’s episode :D

Only Eunhyuk this week again (Aw, I really wanted to see Leeteuk’s new hair other than on Sukira ;-;), he doesn’t get as much screen time as I would like for him to get, but any screen time is good screen time, right? XDD LOL, so anyway!
Hodong introduces him and he knocks over MC Mong or something (XD), as he moves in to CUTIE MODE with Tic! Toc! playing in the background. *____* Seriously Hyukjae, marry me!! O___O 8D


They move on to the first contestant and somewhere here you can see that Eunhyuk has changed shirt AND is sitting in an other seat! =___= Haha, they really should stop doing that! Do they really think that we won’t notice?! XD And later, when the second contestant comes out, Hyuk is back in his old seat, behind MC Mong, with the shirt he had on during the introduction part… -___-

But hey, that second contestant is really cool! He can break bottles with his head o______o That has GOT to hurt x__x (but how IN THE WORLD do you come up with such an idea? XDD)

Okay moving on~! Next they try to break an egg on Eunhyuk’s muscles.. and I died! T___T They boy has got muscles *___*  <3 But they didn’t work so well as egg breakers XD They also tried this on Hodong’s leg muscles (OMG, he actually has muscles!! O_O) but even that wouldn’t work :P

LOL, Hyuk is so cute during the rock-paper-scissors competition ^0^ He is messing around with the contestant and almost wins against him.. twice! ;D Haha, he was so adorable the last time he lost! He went down on his knees and looked up on the other guy, as he walked by XD He was like “No way? I lost?! How? T___T *sob* ”  Dork! 8D

 Nothing really interesting happens in the end, the drummer kid wins again and I suppose he chose to come back again next week and compete again? Anyway, this episode was really great! 8D (and now I’m back to backlogging SJ-Market again T_____T) XD

Some lovely caps HERE and HERE plus some gifs HERE. SJ-Market


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Happy Birthday, Lee Hyukjae! ♥

April 3, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

Happy Birthday, Eunhyuk!
860404 – 080404

It’s now April 4th in Korea, so our little monkey boy has turned 23 already!

Hyukjae, I hope you get to spend your special day with everyone you love.
Remember that we, ELF, will always love you and support you.
Please stay healthy and be careful!
And let us always see that beautiful smile of yours.



And since Hyuk is my favourite SuJu boy, I’ve put more time into his birthday post than I’ve ever done before 8D
It wasn’t too hard to find memorable videos with monkey, I wish I could post them all.. but then you would just get tired of me, so I’m not going to ^^;;

EunHae and the strawberry milk on Sukira [070507]
AW, soo cute! ^^ I love how Hae always drinks it whenever Hyuk drinks it (indirect kiss! *dies*) And something else that killed me is when Fishy puts his head on Eunhyuk’s arm for a brief second @ 00.24! o_o God, I love those two together 8D
Watch more of the “strawberry milk cuts” here: part1, part3.

M!Countdown Parody – Eunhyuk rolling in a blanket [071206]
This is like the cutest parody he has ever done on M!Countdown (the ONLY cute parody maybe? xD) The best part is definitely @ 00.24, when he has just rolled himself in the blanket and smiles one of the sweetest smiles ever! ^_____^ *pinches cheeks*

When EunHae was born [Adonis Camp]
I can’t get enough of the EunHae abuse in this video! XD It’s pure love

Eunhyuk dancing on M!Countdown [079816]
Well, we already knew that he’s an amazing dancer and this performance is no exception! :D .. (but it bugs me so much that he dances with that girl D: *jealous*)  That outfit Hyuk is wearing is HOT 8D It kinda reminds me of the one he and Fishy wore during their little performance with Donghee and Leeteuk on SBS Chuseok Special :’D(ok, maybe it’s just the hat but w/e X’P)

Eunhyuk falls off chair
This video always makes me smile from ear to ear ^__^ And I love how the first seven seconds are of Hyuk in the chair and him falling off, while the rest of the video is just Kangin laughing like crazy at him! XD (I love his laugh btw :’D)

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Super Junior – MTV UFO replies

March 29, 2008 at 6:16 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to everlastingfriends @ Youtube]

GUH, I just love these replies! *___* All the members are so witty, especially Kyu and Chul 8D I’ll write some of my favs from this video:

ELF: Donghae oppa, seriously! You’ll marry with ELF?!
Eunhyuk: I’m against that marriage?
Hi, Eunhae! 8DDD Of course ELF can’t marry Fishy, he belongs to Hyuk! ^________^

ELF: Attack on the Pin-up boys! The best ^0^ (Yeah I changed the title, this sounds better xD)
Heechul: Wanna die?
Hahaha! X’3

ELF: I am going to sleep now~<3 I know you will not send one to will say GYood night. Right? ^^
Eunhyuk: gyood night~ is it right? It’s hard to say but.. gyoo…gyood night^^
DORK! ^^

ELF: Oppa, don’t go away. Don’t be changed.
Eunhyuk: So… I cannot go to the rest room? T_T
Again, DORK! XD

ELF: I can’t sleep because of those mosquitoes~ theach them a lesson!
Donghae: Send me their names and address!! I’ll teach them a lesson!!

ELF: Please send me a reply!
Heechul: Reply
well.. he did what he was asked to do, right? XD

ELF: Get my arrow of love.
Sungmin: Arrgh!! you missed.. just kidding.. keke

ELF: Are you really Kyuhyun oppa? T_______T
Kyuhyun: T_T Yes, I really am T________T
HAHA, why the sad face Q? X’3

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Even angels get hiccups [Sukira 080325]

March 29, 2008 at 3:45 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to Vattenboll @ Youtube]

This is so NOT fair! Teuk makes hiccups look cute and he’s so adorable when he’s popping the whole time X3 I laughed so hard when it was time for him to talk and the hiccups caused a small pause :P I wonder what the people, who were only listening to the radio, thought was going on XD And Hyukjae just sits there laughing everytime it happens, haha! ^^

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