ETN ENU – Pajama Party MV [making of][080814]

August 14, 2008 at 6:32 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market (Daum TV) right now, but I will edit this post when it is up on Youtube]

Like before, many things we have already seen like Shindong dancing tecktonic during the interview, and Sungmin and Leader talking about being MC X3

But some things are new, like Hyuk imitating Keroro! XDD <3 OMG, I love that man~! XD “Annyeong! Neun Keroro ya~” :’3


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Pajama Party @ M!Countdown 080814

August 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to 13sapphireangels @ Youtube]

HELLO YESUNG! :D It’s good to see him back on stage after his little injury~ ^^

uhm.. LOL at the music stopping for a brief moment during Sungmin’s part? XD His expression is soo cute, he is like “Imi woori suhro FEEL… *stares* -music starts- ..tonghaeddaneun *looks confused*” :’D

And LOL at Yesung’s shaved armpits as well! 8D They look so smooth~ :’3

Have I mentioned that the dance is PURE LOVE? XD (yes, probably like 5846395 times already) I’ve learned the whole choreography now, it’s so much fun *-* <3

You can find some nice caps HERE and HERE (and a CB link). SJ-Market

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YTN STAR – Pajama Party [making of][080812]

August 12, 2008 at 8:42 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube]

An other version of the making of~ :D They used many of the scenes we could see in the Mnet one, but there were some interviews and stuff that were new X3 Like the one in the beginning, with Sungmin. Now, how cute isn’t that boy? He doesn’t even have to do anything special to look cute :’3 (what’s his secret? D:)

And Eunhyuk’s shimmy~ I die everytime I see it!! XD Plus that hair, OMG! X3 He really looks like an 8-year-old kid when he is sitting on that bed @ around 02:24 :’D -biased-

I wants moar making of! D:

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Mnet Wide News – Pajama Party MV [making of][080811]

August 11, 2008 at 11:43 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market right now (together with Mnet Wide News talking about Yesung falling off the stage), but I will update this post when it is uploaded to Youtube]

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube, PART2]

YAY, I’ve been waiting for the making of for Pajama Party!! *__* I LOL:ed when Shindong came out with his hair all done, looking like an ajumma or something XD And talking like one too. OH, Dongdong you’re so cute! X3

And I’m sorry, but I hate those girls in the video! X’D So much skinship, especially when they run around in a circle trying to hide from the monster outside. But the pillow fight looks like so much fun *_* And kinda tiring? XD Notice Eunhyuk’s laugh after the pillow fight scene; he sounds like Goofy! 8D <3

Shindong changing he dance called TeckTonic to TeckComic, lol! XD And HyukMin playing around during the interview @ ~03:51 and forward :’D GAH, so cute :3


HyukMin goofing around during interview

HyukMin goofing around during interview

I hope there will be more making-of videos from Pajama Party. This was NOT enough! XD

You can find more caps and gifs HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Sukira Kiss the Radio [080610]

June 10, 2008 at 5:17 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to miiloverx2 @ Youtube]

After what feels like an eternity I have decided to do an other Sukira post~ :D (just because they looked gorgeous tonight T____T <3)

In the video they are doing a new game where they call people and they have to say the show’s name. I wonder if they win anything if they get it right..? o_O
It’s quite fun how leader is like “KISS… KISS?.. KISS!!?” when the first woman can’t remember the rest of the name~ XDD

As I’ve already said, they both look great *___* Especially leader, with his hat and the tie 83


As usual SJ-Market has lots and lots of caps us; HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Star King – Leeteuk and Hankyung [080329]

March 30, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )

[Credits to symbelmyn @ Youtube, PART2, PART3, PART4, PART5, PART6, PART7, PART8, PART9, PART10, PART11, PART12]

Today I come with the whole episode of Star King, although it was quite tiresome to post the links. xD

Anyway, our China man joined Leeteuk this time! :D GOD, he looks hotter than ever. *____* Except for ONE thing that made him look like an old man.. check it out in part 3, @ 00:45. HAHAHA, nice dance there, Geng! x’D

But his little performance with those awesome kids made up for his “old man dance” :P
DEAR GOD, I thought I was gonna die when he took of his shirt!! HI MUSCLES! O____O
And I love the special effects they used for the fight, it looks so real :D
I think their mission is to defeat Hankyung and his team to be able to rescue Hodong? Well, I guess they succeeded ^^
OMG, when Hodong asked for a kiss from the kids and Hankyung rushes up and kiss him instead!! o_o  .. I’m so jealous of Hodong ._.

We all know that Hankyung is very good at many things; martial arts, dancing, cooking etc. But what we didn’t know is that he can open bottles with his teeth ;O He never stops to surprise us ^__^ But he’s got to be careful, that can’t be very good for your teeth, can it?

Haha, since I’m Swedish I couldn’t help to notice that the contestant who opened those bottles mentioned Sweden ;D I dunno why (anyone care to translate what they were talking about?), but I’m 100% certain that he said Sweden :o

… I think this became a Hankyung post or something xD but I’ve left the best part for last :D
When Leeteuk wanted to write on his mobile using only his tongue! XDDD That cracked me up! And of course I couldn’t resist to screen cap that moment ;D

What a lovely way to end a post, right? ;D (but why do I get the urge to try that myself? o_o)

Oh, I almost forgot.. some lovely caps HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Even angels get hiccups [Sukira 080325]

March 29, 2008 at 3:45 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , )

[Credits to Vattenboll @ Youtube]

This is so NOT fair! Teuk makes hiccups look cute and he’s so adorable when he’s popping the whole time X3 I laughed so hard when it was time for him to talk and the hiccups caused a small pause :P I wonder what the people, who were only listening to the radio, thought was going on XD And Hyukjae just sits there laughing everytime it happens, haha! ^^

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Last day on M!Countdown

March 27, 2008 at 5:55 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , )

[Credits to jstar @ Youtube]

So this was the last time for our boys as MCs on M!Countdown after doing that since debut. AWW, leader cried ;___; Especially when the fans started screaming “saranghae“. And he kept crying until they went off the stage. ;-;
Shindong looked like he was gonna cry at any second too.. (but he was so cute in his outfit 8D)
Well, unfortunately Kangin and Hyukjae wasn’t there, it would have been so perfect with the four of them saying good-bye.

They also performed the song “Don’t Cry”, the soundtrack from Single Papa’s in Love. Jessica (SNSD) sang, while Shindong rapped and Teukie played the piano. It was just so beautiful! Short, but beautiful T_T

Fan-taken pictures HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Sukira Kiss the Radio [080326]

March 26, 2008 at 10:49 pm (Korea, sukira, Super Junior) (, , , , , )


Hi beautiful! *__* <3 I’m in love with Eunhyuk’s shirt! XD (Ok, I’m in love with Hyuk :3) He always has such nice clothes ._. (YES, I’m jealous ;-;) And on one of the pictures you can see that someone wrote “babo” on his cast :D Who could that clever person be? x’3

Buut anyway, Yesung was there today with his black cap as usual. He must really like that cap, huh? :P We’ve seen him wear it soo many times, especially on Sukira 8D Come on, get a new cap! XD

More fantaken pics can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

(YAY, SJ-Market is baack! :D)

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Star King – Leeteuk & Eunhyuk cut [080315]

March 16, 2008 at 9:26 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , )

[Credits to symbelmyn @ Youtube, PART2]

wow, once again we get to see EunTeuk on one of Korea’s best TV shows ever! XD They both look great as usual, there’s just one thing that is really annoying.. Hyuk’s shirt kept changing the whole time xD One second he’s got a grey shirt with pink on it (which btw is really cool, I so want it T_T) and next thing you know, he’s wearing a red/orange t-shirt And it becomes so clear when you only see the EunTeuk cuts too ^^;

Haha moving on..! The show started off with the boys dancing a dorky dorky dance with Hodong. (LOL, nothing unusual for them, I guess X3)

That jumping dog was cuute! :3 And I loved when Leeteuk was about to jump with them and Hodong asked something like: “Is Leeteuk your favourite in Super Junior?” and she said “NO..!”. Poor Leeteuk ^^ What’s even funnier is when he then asked who she liked the most and she answered Eunhyuk. LOL, what a slap in the face XP

And also, Eunhyuk dancing behind that singing girl is so adorkable! ^-^ As well as when they both try to make that girl playing the violin to laugh, by tickling her x) (LOL at Leeteuk’s high pitched laugh 8D)

Oh, and when Eunhyuk tried to solve the Rubik’s Cube and dancing at the same time.. LOL, he just showed one side of it and was like “TADAA!” *looks proud* and Hodong takes it from him and shows the rest of the cube, which isn’t solved xD
GOD, I love him for being so dorky 8D

Some caps HERE. SJ-Market

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