SMASH – Emergency MV [YT]

August 14, 2008 at 6:47 pm (Korea, SMASH) (, , , )

[Credits to bboydrew711 @ Youtube]

I just heard of this group and apperantly they debuted TODAY on M!ka o_o Click HERE to watch the performance.

I think I like this group *-* The song was catchy (although the beat and everything could be a bit more.. powerful? Right now it is a bit.. BLAH -.-) But they seem to be good singers and they certainly have the right looks~ And the video effects are awesome, I died a little when I saw them *___*

But it’s so wierd I haven’t heard of them until now! O_O I found their thread on Soompi and this is what I found out:

TN Entertainment (Tony An’s label) is releasing a 6 member boy band called Smash (스매쉬). The 6 members are Sae Gae, Chun Woo, Han Bang, Jerry, Hiro, and Naruro. The press statement states that the boys are not only dancers but also composers and lyricists..
They will debut on Mnet’s M Countdown today!

… Jerry? -.- Oh, how Korean XD I have no idea who is who yet but I guess I’ll learn that after a while X3 (This is an easy task next to remembering Super Junior’s names, right? XD) Feel free to discuss this group here, I’d like to know what you guys think of them :3


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