ETN ENU – Pajama Party MV [making of][080814]

August 14, 2008 at 6:32 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market (Daum TV) right now, but I will edit this post when it is up on Youtube]

Like before, many things we have already seen like Shindong dancing tecktonic during the interview, and Sungmin and Leader talking about being MC X3

But some things are new, like Hyuk imitating Keroro! XDD <3 OMG, I love that man~! XD “Annyeong! Neun Keroro ya~” :’3


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Pajama Party @ M!Countdown 080814

August 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to 13sapphireangels @ Youtube]

HELLO YESUNG! :D It’s good to see him back on stage after his little injury~ ^^

uhm.. LOL at the music stopping for a brief moment during Sungmin’s part? XD His expression is soo cute, he is like “Imi woori suhro FEEL… *stares* -music starts- ..tonghaeddaneun *looks confused*” :’D

And LOL at Yesung’s shaved armpits as well! 8D They look so smooth~ :’3

Have I mentioned that the dance is PURE LOVE? XD (yes, probably like 5846395 times already) I’ve learned the whole choreography now, it’s so much fun *-* <3

You can find some nice caps HERE and HERE (and a CB link). SJ-Market

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YTN STAR – Pajama Party [making of][080812]

August 12, 2008 at 8:42 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , )

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube]

An other version of the making of~ :D They used many of the scenes we could see in the Mnet one, but there were some interviews and stuff that were new X3 Like the one in the beginning, with Sungmin. Now, how cute isn’t that boy? He doesn’t even have to do anything special to look cute :’3 (what’s his secret? D:)

And Eunhyuk’s shimmy~ I die everytime I see it!! XD Plus that hair, OMG! X3 He really looks like an 8-year-old kid when he is sitting on that bed @ around 02:24 :’D -biased-

I wants moar making of! D:

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Super Junior H – SM Entertainment Global Auditions 2008

August 12, 2008 at 8:41 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , )

[Credits to nuqiangren @ Youtube]

PUAHAHAHA, this is a great opportunity to make fun of their English skills! XD First of all, Eunhyuk’s “Entertainment”… now, I don’t know Thai but.. to me that sounded more like Thai than English! XD And his “Bancouba” (=Vancouver) wasn’t that great either X3

And Shindong said his part so fast I almost didn’t catch it. But I think he said “Hawaii”, “L.A”, “Washington D.C” and “Orange County”. Not bad Dong Dong! :D

But Sungmin on the other hand, WOW! He sounded like he had lived in the US for several years when he said “New York, San Fransisco, Canada e Toronto and Vancouver” (although the Vancouver part sounded more like “Vancouvou” XD)

GAH, I love their English~ :’3

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Super Junior and DBSK macros

August 11, 2008 at 5:46 pm (DBSK, Korea, Macros, Super Junior) (, , , , , , )

Well, what else are you supposed to do when you are really bored, besides making lots of macros on roflbot? 8D Here is the result of a very boring afternoon and I would appreciate it if you don’t take out without my permission. Thank you :)

Starting of with a bipolar leader. If you don't know what bipolar disorder is, google it!

The boys from DBSK comes next with a classic macro text 8D

The boys from DBSK comes next with a classic macro text 8D

And Hyuk with the same text. Which one do you like the best? ;)

And Hyuk with the same text. Which one do you like the best? ;)

Lame, I know! XD

.. it had to be done! XD

 The picture was asking for it 8D

Oh, yes he does! 8D

Oh, yes he does! 8D

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Mnet Wide News – Pajama Party MV [making of][080811]

August 11, 2008 at 11:43 am (Korea, Super Junior) (, , , , , , , , , )

[The video is only available HERE on SJ-Market right now (together with Mnet Wide News talking about Yesung falling off the stage), but I will update this post when it is uploaded to Youtube]

[Credits to MusicRandomx @ Youtube, PART2]

YAY, I’ve been waiting for the making of for Pajama Party!! *__* I LOL:ed when Shindong came out with his hair all done, looking like an ajumma or something XD And talking like one too. OH, Dongdong you’re so cute! X3

And I’m sorry, but I hate those girls in the video! X’D So much skinship, especially when they run around in a circle trying to hide from the monster outside. But the pillow fight looks like so much fun *_* And kinda tiring? XD Notice Eunhyuk’s laugh after the pillow fight scene; he sounds like Goofy! 8D <3

Shindong changing he dance called TeckTonic to TeckComic, lol! XD And HyukMin playing around during the interview @ ~03:51 and forward :’D GAH, so cute :3


HyukMin goofing around during interview

HyukMin goofing around during interview

I hope there will be more making-of videos from Pajama Party. This was NOT enough! XD

You can find more caps and gifs HERE and HERE. SJ-Market

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Pajama Party @ Music Bank 080808

August 8, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Korea, Super Junior) (, , )

[Credits to SapphireJunior08 @ Youtube]

No Yesung you guys! According to 13!La’MISS:fairy@ Soompi he fell off the stage during rehearsal, from 1.5m height. He was brought to the hospital but we don’t know anything about his condition right now. He is said to have complained about his head, neck and waist. Let’s just hope that it’s nothing too serious and that he’ll be back to Happy’s activities soon~ T______T Jongwoon HWAITING!

([edit] Yesung apparently only has minor injuries and Super Junior activities will continue. YAY! ^_^ Thanks Gaia once again~)

Back to the performance! CUTE as usual :’3 Notice the Korean flag that Eunhyuk is holding XD Could it be because of the Olympic Games that are starting at this very moment? X3 Dork

And the dance! It makes me spazz every time, it’s unbelievably adorable 8D As well as their outfits (I seriously want Sungmin’s outfit with the dog attached to it X’D)

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Super Junior H – Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) MV

June 10, 2008 at 2:11 pm (Korea, Super Junior, Super Junior Happy) (, , , )

[Credits to everlastingfriends @ Youtube]

Yeees~! The MV for Yoriwang (COOKING? COOKING!) is finally out! :D And as expected it is cracktastic and just so random! XD I love the song, I have been playing it on repeat ever since I first heard it. I haven’t heard the other songs from the mini album though! o_o I’m trying not to, until I get my copy of it in the mail X3 Anyways, back to the MV!

I seriously think that the key point in this video is “random” XD Everything is really random and just.. weird :D LOL @ Teukie eating in the beginning (but those lips *____* -dead-)

And Sunny is soo cute! O___O <3 (LOL, they always seem to use the SNSD girls in SuJu’s videos XD) But OMG, she is extremely gorgeous! I was like “*____________*” when I first saw her in the video~ X3 The boys look extremely cute as well! Kangin’s hair is gldksdkdff! o_o And Shindong’s poo hair is cuuute~ XD
The dance.. what can I say? It’s dorky and cute, just like the song (and the boys XD). I think I’m gonna try to learn some of the dance, it looks like so much fun 8D

Super Junior H

Shindong and Eunhyuk’s rap is pure crack! XD Again, it’s really adorable just like everything else XD
GDHSGJDSJGFF @ Kangin on the toilet! WTF?! XD Raaaandom~ X’D Just like Leeteuk is in that wig!! HAHA, that was the best part in the whole video~ X3 So weird :P At the end he says Who are you?”, which is a parody of “Oldboy“, where the main character said the same thing when his captor served him mandoo everyday for like 15 years (Thanks 13Damifino @ Soompi for explaining that~)

The wig~! Cracks me up everytime XD

GOD, this video is really cute! I’m watching it over and over again X3

Of course I bring you caps and gifs! HERE, HERE and HERE. Oh, and also some HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE XD. SJ-Market

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